Sparling Goes To School Part 2

Today we had a visit from Jack Wootton from Galloway Fisheries Trust with some real live Sparling! Our Primary 5 Class and Eco Group were very pleased to see the fish first hand. Jack was able to bring the pupils out in small groups to look at the fish close up in a bucket and he also lifted them out of the water briefly to see them from a side view. It was interesting to se how they were camouflaged from the top and that the female fish was bigger than the male due to the huge number of eggs which she carries. We heard more about the project being undertaken by Jack and he told us about the numbers of Sparling he had just recently found in the Cree River. We also got more of an understanding about how important this project is for Scotland. Today, a camera man came to film Jack talking to us. The footage will be used in a documentary highlighting the importance of the project and will be shared amongst wildlife experts at conferences and for use in further research work as a reference tool. Jack was very impressed with the amount of information Mrs Dyson’s Primary 5 class had retained from his last visit and with the sheer number of relevant questions the pupils were coming up with. Lots of hands kept going up, eager to know more!




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  1. Fantastic. So pleased Evan was lucky enough to be a part of this. He loves being part of the eco committee.

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