Songwriting with Feis Ross Musicians

Dalbeattie Primary School has been thrilled to welcome Feis Ross Musicians Nicola and Andrew Black into school to work with our young people in Primary 4, Primary 4/5 and Primary 5. This year, the children have been experiencing the art of songwriting. Primary 4/5 wrote a song about dinosaurs, Primary 5 used the Dalbeattie Town Wood’s Totem Pole as their inspiration and Primary 4 composed a song about Tatty Bogel. However, another highlight is a song which all three classes have worked on, while thinking about their current school and looking forward to the new one. It’s called ‘We Live In Dalbeattie.’ Today, the classes, accompanied by Nicola and Andrew Black, gave a wonderful performance of all these songs to a packed school hall. The ‘We Live in Dalbeattie’ song was, particularly memorable. Well done to all and thank you! The words for the school song are given below:


We live in Dalbeattie, where the river flows,

We live in Dalbeattie, where the wind blows,

Moving to a new school, it’ll be so cool,

So many memories, in this primary,

Grannies and Papas and great nana’s cousins,

For a hundred and forty years, they all came here.


Friends forever, always together,

Even when it rains, we’ll still play together,

Even if we fall out, we’ll be friends whenever,

We meet each other again


We live in Dalbeattie, in the granite city,

We lo-ove Dalbeattie, very bold and pretty,

Nearer to nature, we can learn outside

To get to the playground, we’ll  go on the slide



We bide in Da’beattie, whaur  the burnie rows,

We bide in Da’beattie,  whaur the birkie grows,

Hard rock challenge and a granite quarry,

Gaun tae the forest wi ma family


CHORUS (repeat last line to finish)

feis-ross-1 feis-ross-2 feis-ross-3

feis-ross-4 feis-ross-5

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