The Mod


On Saturday 4th June Port Ellen Primary School choir went to the Local mod on Islay.  The mod was held in the high school in Bowmore. The choir won the unison and came 2nd in the peaurt a bheil.  Also ten people from the choir won the psalm. For the unison you have two songs and in our first song Mrs Macdonald made a mistake so we thought there was no chance of us winning but with our second song, Latha Math, we did really well and we got high marks for Gaelic and music from the Judges which meant we won.  Lots of individuals did well also- Rowan was covered in gold medals!  The Primary 1-3 class also did a fab action song.  We really enjoyed taking part and improving our Gaelic.

Junior Saltire Awards

P1020096A few weeks ago p5/6/7 worked on designs for a wave power device for the Junior Saltire Awards, which is a national competition for school children to design and make their own devices to promote the use of renewable energy. The group that built the device was called Wave Islay, and included Bronagh, Joe, Murray, Kaya, Abi and Ellie. We researched renewable and non renewable energy and learned about wave powered devices.  Bronagh’s dad came in to help us build our device. When it was finished we went to test it in the sea and it worked. We had to fill in some papers to send away. Later on we found out that our device was in the finals. Now we are working on improvements to make it better! Bronagh, Joe, Murray and Kaya get to go to Edinburgh for the awards on the 9th June, where we will test our device in the Flo Wave facility at Edinburgh University.  It is all very exciting!

The Scottish Mathematical Challenge

P1020045This year pupils at Port Ellen primary school took part in the Scottish Mathematical Challenge where they had to answer problem solving questions 3 times over the year showing their working out. To get a bronze award you couldn’t lose more than 10 points, to get a silver award you couldn’t lose more than 6 points and to get a gold award you couldn’t lose more than 3 points. Rebecca, Katie, Ross and Matthew got a bronze award and I got a silver award missing out on a gold award by only one point! I feel happy because I got a silver I am also very surprised because I didn’t think my problem solving was that good. One of the questions was “Maureen, Alice and Siobhan are three young sisters, in that order of age. Alice is two years older than Siobhan. Each year, their wealthy aunt gives each of them, for each year of her age, as many pounds as she is years old. For example, on her first birthday a girl would receive one pound and on her third birthday nine pounds. The aunt has promised to continue this family custom with each girl until her twelth birthday. This year Maureen received as much as Alice and Siobhan put together.
How much will Siobhan receive next year?” I found this quite tricky.  There was also a question about a diagram that represents a rectangular net, which is made from string notted together at different points. Another one was about a diving competition where there are 5 judges that each awards a whole-number from 1-10 and you had to work out all the possible scores awarded.  It was really challenging but helped me get better at my maths problem solving.  There is an award ceremony in June in Glasgow.  Next year I will try to get a gold.

The Euroquiz With Port Ellen Primary

The Euroquiz is a quiz about Europe. There are four rounds, Geography, Languages, History and sports. The group of four became a pair because two people were absent on the day which didn’t help our chances. We had one back-up who had been practicing hard with the others but they still needed another person so Kaitlyn volunteered to do it.

The first round was Geography of Europe.  Some questions were about flags, landmarks and capital cities. To do this round they had to watch a powerpoint on the big board then they had to write the answer on an answer sheet.

The second round was languages. In the languages round they listened to Spanish, Italian and French. To do this round the teacher would ask a question then they would listen to it in Spanish, then Italian and finally French after that they would translate what the people said in the languages, then they would listen to it again to make sure they got the right answer, finally they would write their answer down on the answer sheet and hand it in to the teacher.

The third round was history. For the history round it asked questions about the History of Europe and some questions were about dates some countries joined the EU and what countries were the first to join the EU.

The last round was about sports. It had questions about sport and where some sports clubs are. To do the round it was the same as the first and the third round just with sports questions instead of geography and history.

The four pupils from Port Ellen Primary School who competed in the Argyll And Bute Euroquiz came 5th out of 5 schools-last!  But everyone enjoyed themselves and had good fun.

Swimming School Nationals

On Saturday 30th January I went to the swimming nationals in Tollcross. It was double the size of the local pool because Tollcross is 50 meters long and Bowmore is 25.  Tollcross was built for the commonwealth games. There was about 1,500 people including spectators and swimmers. There was 10 lanes in the pool so it was 10 people in a race. I was swimming backstroke and the person in my race broke the Scottish record.  I came 30th out of the whole of Scotland. We also got a swimming cap, a t shirt and a jumper as souvenirs.

by Ross Thompson

Writing Competition

warhP567 entered a writing competition around Argyll And Bute. We had to write a story based on a piece of art. The people who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd got books for a prize. After we wrote our essay, the people in our class voted to see whose essay was the best in our class. The people who had the most votes in our class got entered to the competition. I got entered to the competition and when the results for the competition got announced, I came joint second! I had so much fun writing it and I look forward to other writing competitions throughout the year!  Read my story here

The National Mod

We went to the national mod in Oban. Two choirs went and they were the boys choir and the mixed choir. I was in the mixed choir with lots of other people. There was only 3 boys in the choir. Everybody stayed in a hotel but there was so many people that there had to be people in the Corran House and people in a different place. The mixed choir got two firsts and either a second or a third. We had a great time and there was even enough time for shopping!

The National Mod

DSCN56631On the 6/10/15 Port Ellen Primary School went to the National Mod and I was in the boys choir and it was our very first MOD and we came 2nd in our competition. We were in all the newspapers the ileach the Oban times.  We stayed in 2 hostels then the mixed choir came in 1st and they were even on TV in the recording studios.  I really enjoyed it.

Mod in Oban!

During the October break, Port Ellen Gaelic Choir competed at the Mod. We sang our unison, puiert a bheil and two part harmony. We came first in our unison and two part. We also got a third in our puiert a bheil.

Port Ellen also had lots of people doing solos, poems and duets. Lots of people got placed 2nd and 3rd. Eva got got FIRST in her poem. She was over the moon!

This year we also had a boys choir. They got a second in there unison, but it was there first Mod and we all think they did really well!

After a long day we all went back to the guest house for dinner. But before that we had to go and get recorded. As it turned out the recording studio was running late, so we had to go back for dinner. After a tasty dinner we went back and finally got recorded.

We are all proud of our selves and hope to do even better next year!



Photo of Port Ellen Choir after winning there Two Part Harmony.