P4/5 at Finlaggan


On our trip we went to Finlaggan and it was so nice. When we got there, there was a little cottage. It was a light brown and it looked brilliant. Me, Orla and Dearbhla got out of the car and hid next to another car to hide from the people in the mini bus. Everyone went in to the cottage and we met Mr Bell and Mr McCowan. We talked about Finlaggan and then we went to the islands.

At the little island there was once a big grey house and a Great Hall. It was amazing and cool because people where living there 1,000’s of years ago. We were put in to two groups, we went around the little Island there were lots of signs around the Island that told us lots of facts. Our group leader was Mr. McCowan. We saw old ruins and the old graveslabs. We saw where the well was and where the kitchen would have been.

After we had had the tour we got put into three groups to do some investigating of our own.  We had to do measuring, maps and art.  It was soon time for lunch which we had in the cottage.  We also had a chance to look at some of the things that had been found during digs at Finlaggan.  The most interesting thing I saw was the Lord of the Isles home.

I rely enjoyed that we got to go and see the stuff on Finlaggan

Before we headed back to school Mr McCowan and Mr Bell gave us some crunchy M and M’s – a tasty end to a great day!

Freya Porter P5

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