P7’s Rock Topic

P7 have recently done a rock topic. They have made there own rocks and experimented with them. The types of rock you can get are igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. To make our candy rocks we got 4 Starburst and cut then in to quarters to show erosion and weathering.  Then we kept cutting them until they were quite small and then put them in your hand and squeeze them together just so they stick which is sediment being compressed into sedimentary rock.  Then we got a square of grease proof paper and squished it all together really hard so it looks smooth like a metamorphic rock. Then we put it in a cupcake case and then put it in the oven, when it comes out it is liquid like lava and then hardens to make igneous rock which you can eat!  That is how you make a rock made of Starbursts.

By Beth and Annie:)

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