Primary 4 15.11.18

Hello everyone

We have had a busy but interesting week in Primary 4.

In maths we have been learning how to answer subtraction questions using the written method. The children have been working hard to exchange when they do not have the number of ones required. We have also been practising quick recall of subtraction facts within 20. Please practise these facts with your child at home.

In writing we wrote scripts in groups of 3. We were telling imaginative stories about the Vikings we had created previously. The children worked very hard to incorporate stage directions into their scripts. They also used colons when introducing what a character was about to say. Next week the children will act out their scripts in front of an audience. We can’t wait to see the finished products!

We began exploring our new topic of Enterprise this week. The children discussed what they wanted to learn and how they want to learn. They also came up with some ideas for the name of our company and filled in job application forms for different roles within our business. We will be making reindeer sweetie bottles to sell to family and friends. The children are very excited and we’re sure that the finished products will be fabulous! 🙂

The Christmas Fair is on Friday 30th November from 6-8pm. Tickets are available from the school office or able to be purchased on the night.

Letters were sent out earlier this week for the school Christmas Lunch. This will take place on Tuesday 4th December. Children should order their lunch by next Wednesday or they will not be able to have a Christmas lunch on this day. If your child does not wish to have a Christmas lunch then they should bring a packed lunch to school on this day.

Reminders –

PE days: Thursday and Tuesday (outdoor)

Homework –
Spelling – LCWC x 2 and a spelling activity due on Friday
Maths – Subtraction sheet due Friday
Reading – see sheet in spelling homework jotters for pages. Due next Monday.

Thank you for your support.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Miss Donaldson

Primary 6 15.12.17

We had a very creative start to the week as Primary six constructed different aspects of the nativity story from a variety of recycled materials. Their creations were so successful that we felt we had to invite the rest of the school to see them!

We were privileged to see the dress rehearsals for the nursery and infant classes’ nativities. We thought they were fantastic. Their parents and visitors are in for a treat next week.

Auditions were held for the school talent show next week. Well done to all the acts that entered what a talented bunch we have. We wish the two acts which were selected from primary six the very best of luck.

On Thursday it was our Christmas jumper day and everyone looked very festive and jolly and of course in between all these festivities we continued working hard at multiplication and division!

We had our primary six assembly this morning and it was a great success! There were amazing teamwork skills on display and we are very proud of the hard work and presentation skills of ALL the pupils.

PE – outdoor Kit on Mondays / Indoor kit on Wednesdays

Homework – Spelling Test will take place on Monday and will include words from the last six weeks.

Maths Homework – we would like to remind all pupils that they have maths homework EVERY WEEK. If we do not give out maths homework in the form of worksheet we still expect the pupils to be practising Times Tables, Fact Families, and Number Bonds. We have shown the pupils’ games and activities they can do to practise.

Thank for your continued support.
Mrs Wylie, Mr. Woodward and Mr Shanks

Primary 7 14.12.17

Hello everyone

We have had a lovely week in Primary 7 so far. We had the opportunity to watch both the Nursery/P1 nativity and the P2/3 nativity. We loved both performances and we thought that the children did really well.

This week we have been putting our ICT skills to the test! We will be using GLOW throughout Primary 7 to look at the blog and for transition activities with Deans Community High School. In order to use this platform we had to reset our passwords. We also went to P1 and P2 to help them to log into the computer and reset their GLOW passwords. All adults have been very impressed with how skilled the Primary 7s were at teaching the younger children in the school.

There will be no homework next week. Homework will resume again on the second week back (wb 15.1.18) after the Christmas Holidays.

The P7 Christmas Disco will take place next Thursday 21st December from 6-8pm. Please note that children must be picked up from inside the school at 8pm, we cannot allow children to walk home themselves.

This will be our last blog post before the Christmas so we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to welcoming the children back to school on the 9th January.

Thank you for your support.

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

Primary 6 8.12.17

We had a fun filled start to our week with our Primary Six Christmas party. Our pupils Scottish country skills were in full flow and what an impressive group they are! It was pantomime time too this week and the pupils (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed the interactive performance of the Wizard of Oz.

We have been tackling problem solving challenges in maths this week, putting our analytical skills to the test. The key message … the question, highlight the important information and work out which mathematical operation will help you solve the problem. We had some great breakthroughs and look forward to cracking the codes next week!

Primary Six have an assembly on the 15th December and the pupils have created interesting, fact filled and humorous scripts. May we remind you that this is an assembly for pupils only, we will have another assembly in 2018 where guests will be invited.

We are continuing with our ‘Beat That’ maths challenge on a Friday morning and whilst scores are rising, there is work to be done. Come on Primary Six, Practise your tables!!!


PE – outdoor Kit on Mondays / Indoor kit on Wednesdays

Homework – spelling due on Friday. Please note that spelling homework jotters should NOT be handed in before Friday as the children should be using them to practise their spelling words daily.

Maths Homework – we would like to remind all pupils that they have maths homework EVERYWEEK. If we do not give out maths homework in the form of worksheet we still expect the pupils to be practising Times Tables, Fact Families, Number Bonds. We have shown the pupils games and activities they can do to practise.

Thank for your continued support.

Mr Woodward, Mr Shanks and Mrs Wylie

Primary 7 3.11.17

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Primary 7 blog.

We have had a fun filled week in P7 this week. On Monday Michelle came to visit us from WLDAS (West Lothian Drug & Alcohol Service). She spoke to both classes about smoking. The children learned how many chemicals are in cigarettes (over 4000!) and they also discussed the impact that smoking can have on our bodies and also on other areas of our lives. However, the children are aware that it is very difficult to stop smoking. In order to experience what it might be like to give up smoking the children have all been asked to give up something that they do frequently and replace it with a healthy alternative. Some of the habits that the children have given up include sweets, playing the Xbox, watching TV and drinking fizzy juice. The children have replaced these habits with a variety of alternatives this week including eating more fruit and vegetables, playing with their siblings and going outside to play. Miss Clark is even giving up chocolate for the week (which is proving very difficult!) Well done Primary 7 for all of your hard work and dedication! We are really impressed at your ability to resist even when it’s difficult.

This week we also handed out speaking parts for our P7 Remembrance Assembly. The children have also been given song lyrics to learn for next week. Any support you could give your child in learning these would be greatly appreciated. The children have taken control of the assembly and have created a PowerPoint, quiz and art work. The children are also selling poppies around the school for a donation of 50p-£1. Thank you for all your hard work. Please note – this is a school only assembly.

The children have now been allocated their Enterprise groups after applying for one of five different jobs (manager, materials manager, finance expert, quality control and human resources). They have been working really well in their groups to decide on which product or game they would like to create for others to buy/play at the Christmas Fair on Friday 1st December. Each group then created a purchase list and calculated their required spending and projected profit. The children had to shop around on different websites to find the best deals. They then wrote to Miss Millar to ask for the required funds in order to begin to buy, make and sell their products and games. Thankfully we received word this week through letters to each group that Miss Millar is funding each groups project! Soon the children will have all of the products and materials they need in order to create their products and games.

Some reminders
Outdoor PE – Monday (As we are going outside each week can you please ensure that your child comes prepared with appropriate outdoor shoes to take part in all activities. They will also need a warm, waterproof jacket).
Indoor PE – Wednesday (Mrs Ferguson is working on gymnastics with the children and it is therefore vitally important that all children wear PE kit in order to take part in all activities).

Beginning next week (Monday 13th November) the children in Miss Clark’s class will be taking part in swimming lessons at DCHS for 4 weeks. It is very important that the children come prepared with a swimming kit, towel and full change of clothing (school uniform) each Monday. A letter will be sent home to remind children of this. Mrs Macaulay’s class will take part in swimming lessons later on in the year.

Thank you, as always, for your help and support. Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Clark & Mrs Macaulay

Primary 4 16.12.16

We hope you all enjoy the holidays as next Wednesday is our last day of school. We have been hard at work right up until the end of the term, working on our Erasmus project, learning about Scottish Folk Tales. We created water colour paintings of the setting, summarised the story and created collages of the characters. We also looked at Scottish words and wrote definitions for each.

We enjoyed the Panto yesterday, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. The scenery and costumes were amazing, as well as the acting! It got us onto the festive spirit.

Next week we will continue our Health topics, road safety and alcohol awareness. We will do a few winter crafts and activities and have the church on Wednesday afternoon also, so if you wish to bring money for the collection, please do.

We will also be making sure we are ‘winter ready’. If you have not yet looked at the blog explaining how to access activities should there be a snow day, make sure you do. Children will be taught how to access this next week in class.

Thank you for all of your support in the last two terms.

Have a fantastic Christmas and see you all in the new year.

Happy Holidays!

Miss Smith and Miss Donaldson 🙂

Primary 7 15.12.16

The last two weeks have been really busy in primary 7!

We have been busy rehearsing for the concert at Deans High School which is tonight. The children had a practice on the stage and they are sounding wonderful. A reminder that children should arrive before 6.45pm in the foyer at the front reception.

In PE we have been learning ceilidh dancing – Gay Gordon’s and Dashing White Sergeant in preparation for our disco on Monday 19th December. The disco finishes at 8pm and all children must be collected by an adult.

In outdoor PE primary 7 have been creating playground games. They taught these to primary 1 and a great time was had by all. We used the Ipads to film the playground games and these recordings will be sent to our ERASMUS partners and the children in those countries will play our games.

Miss Thomson from the maths department at DCHS has been working with P7W for the last two weeks focusing on mental strategies and decimals. She also showed us how to make a 3D snowflake and some children have been making these in their own time. It is looking very wintery in the classroom!

In school today the children will be watching the pantomime with their P1 buddy. I’m sure they will tell you all about it when they get home!

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour


Primary 6 13.12.16

Hello everyone

Primary 6 are enjoying getting into the festive spirit throughout the last week. As well as our Christmas Party the children enjoyed watching the P2/3 Nativity and the P1 Nativity. Well done to all of the Primary 6 children who took on narration roles at both the P2/3 Nativity and the Nursery Christmas Concert. They were a fantastic help to staff and pupils.

This week we will be working more on our “A Tale Unfolds” Topic, learning more about script writing and stage direction. We are looking forward to filming more soon! This topic will carry on into the New Year and we look forward to finishing our film.

A letter should have been sent home with your child on Friday detailing costume requirements for the P6 Assembly which is this Friday. If your child has no clothing suitable for their role please ask them to let their teacher know and we will try to accommodate them in school. On Thursday the children are looking forward to watching a pantomime that is visiting the school. The children also have the opportunity to attend the local church next Tuesday to partake in a variety of activities related to the Christmas story. The session is entitled: “Bubblegum and Fluff!”

This will be the last blog post of the year. School will resume again on Wednesday 4th January for another busy and exciting term. Next term we will finish our “A Tale Unfolds” topic, start to learn about the Titanic and take part in the P6/7 School Show.

We hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you again in 2017!

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie and Mrs Kelly

Primary 6 7.12.16

Hello everyone!

We hope you’re all having a good week. Primary 6 have had a fantastic week so far. On Monday we gathered together for our Primary 6 Christmas Party. We listened to lots of Christmas music, played some festive games, danced the Dashing White Sergeant and ate some delicious party food. We hope everyone had fun 🙂

We have been continuing to practise our P6 Assembly which is next Friday. A letter will be sent out shortly about clothing the children may need to bring in to wear for the assembly. You will receive a paper copy of this letter later on in the week and it will also be posted on the blog. We appreciate your support.

In RME we have begun learning about the Christmas story and the symbols associated with the Nativity story and the Christian religion in general. The children are beginning to understand the importance of symbols in our everyday life and are about to embark on the challenge of creating a symbol that represents our class – stay tuned for more! 🙂

A quick reminder of our new PE days:
Monday – Indoor PE
Thursday – Outdoor PE
Children should come prepared appropriately for both PE sessions.

Have a great week!

Miss Clark, Mrs Wylie & Mrs Kelly

Primary 4 week beginning 21.11.16

This week we have been very busy with our Enterprise topic. The children have started to focus on job roles within a business, they have even written job application forms for the roles they would like to do. We have also been using the computers to research what we will need to create our product and have been discussing the best products to use.

The Christmas Fair is fast approaching so we have started our Christmas crafts which will be displayed in the hall on the night. The fair is on Friday 2nd December and we would love to see you all there.

As we did not have P.E this week we will be having an extra session next week on Wednesday so please provide P.E kit for Wednesday and Thursday, thank you.

It has been a very cold week and children have needed gloves, scarfs and hats. To ensure that these don’t get lost or misplaced it would be very helpful if on the labels they could be named.

Next week we are excited that we will be able to go and watch the dress rehearsal for the P2/3 Nativity show. Please wrap up warm as we will be walking to the church.

P.E kit on Wednesday and Thursday

Spelling as normal
Maths sheets – both classes
Reading (please see homework diaries or homework grid on previous blog)

We hope to see you at the Fair! Thank you for your continued support,
The Primary 4 teachers

Primary 4, 18.12.15


Merry Christmas to everyone!

We have had a very ‘Christmassy’ week, with our party on Friday getting us into the spirit and then the Pantomime on Tuesday continuing the Christmas traditions. The pantomime was excellent and the children thoroughly enjoyed it and were very well mannered and behaved throughout. Well done P4!

This week saw the last of our input from the NYCOS choir. Karen has been teaching us how to read music, keep a beat and recognise pitches and notes in music. We learned lots of fun singing games and rhymes along the way and we wish her the very best.

Thank you to all of the children and parents for their kindness and gifts given to me. I am overwhelmed by your generosity.  I wish you all a very merry Christmas and hope Santa brings you everything you wish for.

Well done to all of the boys and girls this year for your hard work and efforts.

Here is a little flash back to our year so far:

100_7557 100_7576  100_7612 100_7620 100_7664 100_7665    100_7668

100_7621 100_7598 100_7676

After the holidays we will continue to have outdoor PE on a Monday and indoor PE on a Wednesday, so please ensure your child has appropriate kit on those days.

We will not have homework the first week back as the children do not return to school until Wednesday the 6th January, normal spelling and reading homework will resume the following week (beginning 11th January)

Enjoy the holidays everyone! See you all in the New Year ready for an exciting second half of the year with lots of new learning. 🙂

Thank you to parents for their continued support throughout this year.


Miss Smith