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Loch Insh Trip 2017

We had a really smooth trip last night and after picking up Reece and Calum in Aberdeen, we headed to Landmark for an afternoon of fun.

At 4 we arrived in Loch Insh and we’re sitting in the restaurant now in the sunshine having our tea. Later on tonight we’ll be heading out for our first activity – way finding (orienteering).

I hope you enjoy the photos.



We have been building up to SMUHA for a couple of weeks, with lots of time spent on maakin, preparing props, making up sketches and practising songs.

Friday was a perfect day and the Norse gods made sure we had perfect weather for the procession. Our guiser jarl Truncherface AKA Calum Mackay, and his fantastic Trowie squad led the procession well and all the other bairns sang and roared impressively! John and the galley boys had made another excellent galley and the burning was great to watch.

Back in the hall after break, we were treated to some very funny acts and finally the squad came in to sing their songs.

In the afternoon we were treated to some drumming with Joy and Emily playing her fiddle. The jarl squad looked fantastic when they arrived and it was great to go into the playground to see their galley.

It was a really super day in school and we hope that you had fun in the evening.

Wider Achievement afternoon

We had a great afternoon making bird feeding stations for our school grounds. We used some of the big logs and made holes in them for bird food and hammered nails into the wood so that next week we can hang feeders off them. We also made lots of fat balls and seedy worms 🐛 and put these out too. In a few weeks time we’ll be doing the RSPB bird watch and hope this will encourage more birds into our school grounds, especially in this cold weather.