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BBC Radio Scotland Junior Historians

What a great day we are having, with Rhona Brudenell from BBC Scotland and Davie Gardner from Radio Shetland making a Junior Historian radio programme, about the Braer.

We are having lots of visitors in to talk to us and we have learned all about the Braer disaster. We have been learning how to ask good questions to find out the most interesting information.

The visitors today were Jonathan Wills, Helen Moncreiff, Jim Budge, Sheila Fowlie and Mary Blance.

Carla – It has been really good fun, we have learnt a lot.

Becca – It’s quite nerve racking peaking into a microphone.

Isaiah – I have really enjoyed listening to their stories, it’s been fun learning, like a treat!

Hari-Lou – It’s a bit odd, but exciting.

Robert B – I’m really looking forward to hearing it on the radio.


Littoral Art Project

This afternoon all of Primary 6 and 7 went to the museum to attend a workshop run by the artist Julia Barton. The whole project aims to get young people thinking about the scale and nature of marine pollution and carries on from the CSI project last summer.

In the main section of the exhibition there was a huge model map with plastiglomerate (plastic) rocks made into islands. They had names like Litter Skerry and the Polymer Sea. We also looked at the different types of plastiglomerate rocks that have been found on Shetland’ s beaches. It is incredible to see how widespread they are now and to think about the damage that they do to the environment and how long they will be around for.

Let’s hope our Primary 6/7 s help to make a difference in future in solving these problems. img_0984 img_0993 img_0994 img_1002 img_1005 img_1008 img_1014