Music Festival

This week was the Music Festival. People from our class had several performances. On Monday 12th  Carys did a piano solo and got gold, Cerys & Michaela did a duet in the open duet and got a gold, and Carys, Niamh and Molly did woodwind solos.

On Tuesday the 13th Cerys, Jemima and Emily ( The Dooblington Trio)  performed as a fiddle trio and got a gold.

On Wednesday the 14th It was our class performance. We performed as a instrumental choir and played White Clifffs of Dover and Pack Up Your Troubles. We got a gold. Lauryn, Ayla, Niamh, Molly, Carys and Zara each performed a vocal solo. Fearghas, Jacob and Michaela performed an accordion solo. Niamh was invited to play at the young musician with her clarinet solo. She didn’t win but said she really enjoyed it. Rebekha Tregonning ( who used to go to Dunrossness) won senior young musician of the year.

On Thursday the 15th we were invited back to perform at the Gala concert. We went on first. There was a raffle and Niamh won a bag of Bressay tatties.

Niamh – Getting into Young Musician was an amazing experience.

Carys – It’s always really fun going to the Music Festival.

Eve – It was a good experience and I enjoyed it.

Jake – It was good, It was really fun.

Christie – I thought it was good and I really enjoyed the schools coming together.

By Cerys, Jemima and Emmy

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  1. Congratulations to the whole class for being invited back to perform on the last night. It was lovely for people to watch on the internet too.

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