Kenyan visitor

This morning Mrs Mercyline Masika Kiti came to talk to us about Kenya. She told us about school life, taught us about food and animals in Kenya and showed us how to count up to 10 and say a few common words and phrases.

Victoria said “I found the talk very interesting and what she did at school and as a child. She also taught us some common Swahili. I am looking forward to making chapattis.”

“It was really interesting telling us about her child hood, and that you had to wear your uniform , and I’d love to go and see life in Kenya for myself” said Carys.

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One thought on “Kenyan visitor”

  1. I am sure you would all have enjoyed learning about Kenya and the way of life there from Mrs Masika Kiti. It sounded very interesting – especially learning about the animals!

    Mrs Thomson

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