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Hip Hop Workshop

First day back after the October holidays and our P7 pupils were treated to a Hip Hop Workshop.

Organised by Shetlandarts Room 2 Manoeuvre’s are visiting Shetland with their ‘Without a Hitch’ hip hop dance theatre production. As part of this a 50 minute workshop was offered to our P7 pupils.

The pupils were guided through Hip Hop dance techniques, improvisation, partner work and choreography by Artistic Director Tony Mills.    We couldn’t believe how well they all did after a short workshop.

The performance ‘Without a Hitch’ is showing at the Garrison Theatre on Thursday 26 October at 7.30pm for anyone wishing to see more.


Primary 7N Board Games

Primary 7N have also been busy creating their own board games, with instructions, in cooperative learning groups. They were inspired by their class novel – “The Brilliant World of Tom Gates” by Liz Pichon. Pichon uses lots of doodle cartoons and calligrams to make her stories even more interesting. P7N used these techniques on their board games to make them really eye catching and quirky.

We had a really fun afternoon playing our completed board games.