P4 Visit to Sumburgh Head Nature Reserve

Primary 4 classes visited Sumburgh Head Nature Reserve to find out more about our topic, Living Things.  We have been classifying animals and researching wildlife in our local environment so we were lucky to be offered a tour with staff from RSPB as well as the nature reserve. Despite a very wet day, we all had great fun and learned so much more about wildlife around Shetland.

We used binoculars and telescopes to get a close up view of the birds nesting on the cliffs.  We learned about  “pufflings” and “jumplings”!

We visited the Marine Life Centre and found out about sea life around Shetland, food webs and what pollution and climate change is doing to the wildlife.

We made a giant food web!  We were given cards with plankton, fish, birds and sea animals and then we linked together with ropes to see who eats what.  It was great fun! We realised what happens when one of the creatures in the food web is removed.


We were all joined together in our food web.

Thank you very much to Jane and Gary at Sumburgh for showing us so much and giving us a super fun day.


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