The Dragon of the Western Sea

Pupils in P5 and P6 entertained their peers and family and friends today as they performed alongside Scottish Opera.

Thanks to Miss Simpson the  pupils had learned all the words of the songs prior to this morning and in just 1hr and 40 mins the show was pulled together.

Everyone did an amazing job and the pupils worked so hard.  They all had so much fun.

Special thanks to Scottish Opera and to Noelle Henderson who funded this opportunity through YMI funding.


One thought on “The Dragon of the Western Sea”

  1. Wow that was brilliant I’m so impressed, I know how much hard work goes into getting this performance ready, through the music lessons and the brilliance of the bairns on the actual day learning all the actions. Well done to you all. The Scottish Opera is amazing at bringing out the best in all the bairns. Sorry I couldn’t see it in person but this video was great.


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