Breakfast and Study Club

Breakfast Club – Monday and Wednesday 0830 – 0855

 We would like to remind you about our breakfast club which is available to pupils from 0830 every Monday and Wednesday and offers a cold drink, cereals and toast.  It is lovely to see the children, who attend, taking responsibility for getting their breakfast and enjoying each other’s company over breakfast.  Attendance at this ensures that the children are in school on time and have enjoyed a breakfast. This ensures that they can focus fully on their work in class.

Study Club – Tuesday and Thursday 1500 – 1545

Our Study Club is a quiet place after school for children to complete homework, read, play board games and any other quiet relaxing activity they wish to take part in.

Parents/cares must book their child(ren) in to the study club at least a day in advance – this is to ensure that we have adequate staffing in place.  Any pupil who attends without a booking may be unable to attend and have to be collected from school due to us not having appropriate staffing in place.  Parents/carers are also reminded to collect their children promptly. Bookings should be made through the school office.


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