xin nian kuai le!


Some  Primary 4S pupils helped their Mandarin Teacher, Mr Lei,  to tell the P4-7 classes about Chinese New Year at assembly this morning.  We found out why red is such an important colour – it’s all to do with those scary monsters, the Nian!  Merran and Oliwia helped set the scene with a tree and flowers. Meanwhile Mayah and Paul made fantastic monsters who tried to eat the villagers (Ania, Kian, Kyja and Joshua) but a very wise old man (played by our own Tyler Coutts) advised them to wear red clothes and make lots of noise with firecrackers and drums.  The trick worked and they frightened off the evil Nian.  So every year people in China wear red and chase away the monsters.

The pupils did a splendid job, particularly as they only had 2 rehearsals at lunchtime and one afternoon.  They made or brought in costumes and masks and Mr Lei brought in lanterns and firecrackers.  They had great fun.

A big THANK YOU to Mr Lei for teaching us all so much about Chinese New Year.  We hope all have a great new year!

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