Breakfast and Study Clubs

Breakfast Club/Study Club

From previous correspondence you may recall that the school received £48,000 of Pupil Equity Funding. Pupil Equity Funding has come to Bell’s Brae to help us provide the best possible opportunities for children’s learning.  In particular, it is there to help us support children who experience barriers to learning and who might be falling behind or not getting the same chances in their education because their family is experiencing poverty or other financial difficulties.

As part of our School Improvement Plan we have three specific PEF action plans which can be viewed on our school website.  A large proportion of our funds have been spent on employing additional staff.  We have appointed a Learning Support Worker, Mrs Alanda Anderson, and, from week beginning 30 October, will be providing children with the opportunity to attend the following:

Breakfast Club – Mondays and Wednesdays  0840 – 0900

Our breakfast club will be in the school canteen and will offer a cold drink, cereals and toast. Mrs Anderson will be on hand to support but we will be promoting independence with self service.

Study Club – Tuesdays and Thursdays 1500 – 1545

Our study club will also be in the school canteen and will provide a quiet place after school for children to complete homework, read, play board games, colour or any other quiet relaxing activity they wish to take part in. There will be no use of personal technology during this time e.g. mobile phones and ipods.  Mrs Anderson will be on hand to support children but once again the promotion of independence skills will be a focus.   Parents/carers will need to book their child(ren) in to the study club at least a day in advance and they must ensure they know the arrangements for going home at 1545.  Bookings should be made by phoning the school office.

 We will be carefully monitoring the success of these clubs to see if there is value in running them on more days.

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