A Long Journey back from Glenrothes

Unfortunately our S1 boys suffered a 3-2 defeat in the last 16 of the Scottish Plate. Both our goals were scored by Lewis Pollock. The boys can be extremely proud of their efforts, playing the vast majority of a 60 minute match inside their opponent’s half. Unfortunately, they didn’t take their chances and were caught on the break and conceded a fluke goal straight from a corner kick towards the end of the match.
We interviewed Calvin McCormack who was playing.  We asked him, “Was it a good game?” He replied, “Overall yes, but it was a shame we lost.  We had a few good chances to score but they were not taken well enough.” We also asked, “Did you enjoy it?” Calvin answered, “It was a good game but we’re sad to lose.” Finally, we asked, “Do you think you would win if you went up against them again.”   He answered ,  “It depends on our luck and if we took our chances better.”

The boys may feel disappointed at the moment but they have come away from their first match of the season.  Congratulations on reaching your first of many quarter finals.
By Ross Richardson and Fraser Maxwell

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