S1 Visit to Stepps Primary

Five of our S1 girls are going to be going to Stepps Primary to speak to P6 and P7.

The girls will be speaking to them about  coming to High School and asking them questions about what they’re looking forward to when they are at High School.

They have also made up some fun activities and games for them to do.  For example, they will give the pupils the chance to write their own timetables, write any questions they want to ask and lots more.

They also decided that they are going to show them their timetable to let them see what a real timetable looks like.

The girls are really excited about sharing their experiences of first year with the pupils and hope that the primary pupils will learn more and feel better about coming to Chryston High School.

Reporters: Ellie, Leia, Robyn, Charlotte and Ellysha

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