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Activities this week

We made a variation of Pigs using paper and milk cartons.  This year it is the year of the PIG for Chinese New Year.

We have been confident individuals when carrying out our jobs within the class.  Jack was excellent at using full sentences when asking is his friends what they would like for their lunch.

Patrick came to pay us a visit at snack time, I think he could smell the toast. Anthony cleaned the table after snack, whilst Jack washed the dishes and Blake dried them.  Very effective contributors working together to tidy up after snack times.

We created our own clocks to help us understand how to tell the time, using analogue and digital formats.

The Oak boy band are still working hard and being successful leaners when learning new songs to play on the keyboard and their other chosen instruments.


Musical Talents

SQA Music group today had a busy afternoon! We had a mini talent show with two very different performances. Gemma and Oliver were confident individuals to stand up in front of their peers and perform.  We had a singing performance of ‘Never Enough’ and a dance performance to ‘Grease Lightening’. I will let you work who did which performance.

We all played instruments to be effective contributors to work as a group and produce music to the song ”Happy’.

We also explored sound through the sound beam and switches.  Jacob, Jessica and Lyle were Gemma’s backing group.  They explored and created the sound effects whilst Gemma sang her song.

Scottish Activities in the Stars Class

As it was Robert Burn’s birthday we enjoyed a morning of Scottish activities. We dressed up in kilts and tartan sashes and enjoyed shortbread at snack time followed by Scottish country dancing. We danced to the St Bernard’s Waltz and Canadian Barn Dance before doing the Hokey Cokey in Scots. We played tattie boccia  then finished by doing ‘turns’. We did ‘Buy Me a Banana’, ‘Wee Willie Winkie, ‘My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean’, ‘Three Craws’ and ‘Coulter’s Candy’. Lunch was haggis, neeps and tatties. We all had a grand time.


Successful Learners in the Oak Class

We made four different smoothies, Orange, Pineapple, Banana and Blueberry. We followed our pictorial, written and sequencer recipes.  Were all responsible for making a different smoothie.  We did a taste test at the end and the most popular smoothie was the pineapple one.

Angus has been enjoying going to PE with his friends, he is confident when using the apparatus.  It is great to see all the boys interacting together.

The Oak boy band in the making are working so very hard with all their songs, our playlist is up to four songs. Well done boys for being successful learners and all working together as a group.

Pet Therapy, the bearded dragon! Anthony loved this and enjoyed watching Lizzy have a snack on some grasshoppers and worms.

We have also celebrated Blake’s Birthday, sharing presents, playing some games and baking him a delicious chocolate cake! It was very tasty!

Busy days in the Daisies

This week we have been very busy.

We have settled back into school and are beginning our new theme ‘Homes and Families’. We have explored the story ‘A Squash and A Squeeze’ and enjoyed making the different characters to create a display.

Everyone also worked hard in Music this week and used percussion instruments to make loud and soft, and slow and fast sounds. We self assessed our work using ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ faces.