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Lets start a Band!!

Monday afternoon we enjoyed some relaxation time in class, some of us got to stretch out on bean bags, watch the sensory lights and listen to some soothing music, others played with the stimulating sensory toys.

One responsible citizen was far to busy to join us – she had a job to do! Sorting out the diaries and the Big Macs.

Tuesday Morning is Numeracy, we were all successful learners carrying out our numeracy tasks. Ordering money, creating cause and effect and making the Smart Board work and listening to the number songs, counting and building the big blocks – and then knocking them down!!!!

Why is this not working?

Got it now!!

…18, 19, 20!!!

Okay good counting! But time to knock it down!!!


For Science in keeping with our Colour Monster Theme, we made ‘Exploding Monsters the colours weren’t so effective BUT they did bubble up!!

Wednesday morning we made some hand prints ….I wonder what they are going to be?

Step two together…

Lets start a Band!!!

We were confident individuals  in the afternoon showing off our musical skills.

A duet!!!

Today we started to make some stress monsters – picking our Balloons

Making a mess… No …filling them with flour!

Balloons are great fun!!

Using a funnel – and puffing the flour back out of the balloon!!!                      Wrong Day for Wilson to wear black!!!

All done!!

We have been looking at the changing seasons and decided to use conkers to create cool Art.

We were successful learners and created some great Art work.

Our Cactus Hand prints.

Sensory Play with Shaving Foam – great hand exercises and messy fun!!

Exercising with my new Gaitors on – building muscle strength.

Stretch and grasp.

I was a confident individual on my bike.

Wishing you all a great weekend.