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Primary 1 /2 School in the Past Day

Today, we had our dressing up day as a fun ending to our topic work on Our School in the Past and Present. the children came to school dressed as Victorian school children. We had a formal writing lesson with our tables and chairs arranged in seats. We then made a Victorian style Christmas card followed by a session learning about old fashioned playground games. Then, in the afternoon, our learning was all brought together in our small group dram sketches where the children played the parts of teachers and pupils. Mrs Howie filmed these and will share with the class later this week. All of these activities follow on from previous learning such as: visits from Mr Henderson and Mr Murray from the Museum to talk about school in the past; Mrs Murray to talk about life in the present school; a tour of the High School and a walk to the old Primary School on Southwick Road.

Head Teacher’s Awards and Environmental Awareness


At our assembly today, our pupils from each class were awarded with their Head Teacher’s certificates and pencil as prizes. Also, we were delighted to welcome three senior students from the High School who gave the primary school children a presentation as part of their work for Environmental Awareness week. The power-point was very informative and stimulated some good discussion. We are sure some of the messages will now be taken more seriously as a result of the example shown by these older students. Well done and thank you! By the end of Friday, Christmas decorations arrived but the children haven’t seen them yet….

Primary 1 /2 Our School in the Past and Present

Over the last week, we have been learning more about our old school. We have been for a walk to see the granite buildings (1876 onwards) and other link buildings from the 1960s and 1970s. We have also had two former pupils, Tommy Henderson and Ronnie Murray into school for the children to interview them about what it was like to be at school around 70 years ago. Thank you!


Primary 1/ 2 Topic Our School Past and Present

Today, Primary 1 /2 had a tour of the High School part of Dalbeattie Learning Campus.  This was part of the class learning about our current topic which is ‘Our School in the Past and Present.’ The class loved seeing the parts they had not seen before and were very impressed with the Hospitality Department and the activities in woodwork where Children in Need picture frames were in production! The climbing wall with the granite of Dalbeattie Quarry as a backdrop also impressed us. Next week, we will be visiting the old school site (externally only) and soon we will be welcoming Tommy Henderson and Ronnie Murray from Dalbeattie Museum to talk about what it was like to be at school, a few years back,  on Southwick Road.

Children In Need

Today, we ended our successful fundraising week for Children in Need with a Joe Wicks workout, wearing our bright and sporty clothing. The raffle prizes were also drawn. A very big thank you to all who have supported this worthy cause so well. At time of writing we have raised around £650 and a portion of this will go to the Janice Jamieson Memorial Trust Fund to sponsor a student in Malawi. Thank you to the High School for letting us use the Heughan Hall. Thank you all for supporting the spotty raffle with such enthusiasm and thank you to our school pupil councillors for helping to organise the spots!  We are also very grateful to Molly Houston (and mother too) and to Andrew for making and selling cakes to staff. This raised £28.35 which has been added to funds too. Please see facebook for more pictures.


History Club

At our Ancient History After School Club on Tuesday 5th November, we welcomed along Andrew Nicholson, Archaeologist from Dumfries and Galloway Council. He explained, to the group, about the type of work he did and his role in advising when new planning applications come in, in case they affect any site history. He then showed the members of the club how to access three main websites which he uses every day in his work. We learned about how to search old maps, scheduled monuments and recorded historical artefacts and finds from particular places. It was really interesting.  This meeting was the first after our visit to Tongland Abbey. Next week’s meeting will be with Erica Johnson who will talk to us about the Moyle Hill Fort.

Eco Schools Project Edina Bulbs

The Eco Committee and their buddies (4 from each class) have been planting the daffodil and crocus bulbs which we have received as part of the Edina Science Project. We discussed a fair test and how every plant pot had to be planted in the same way.  We planted 59 pots – each with one daffodil and one crocus bulb, clearly labelled.  A further 20 bulbs are being planted directly into the ground. Starting from next week, we need to start recording the weather and inputting this into a database. By the end of the project, all the information from all schools taking part, across the UK,  will be pulled together and conclusions drawn about how levels of sunshine or rainfall have had an impact on the growth and flowering of the bulbs.


Harvest Assembly and House Captains

Today we held our harvest Assembly, albeit made shorter by an unplanned fire evacuation! We were delighted to welcome Reverend Fiona Wilson to our service. The children had brought in lots of donations for the foodbank, for which the local church will be taking away items for us. Mrs Duncan showed us some pictures from our very own harvest in school: ‘soup at snack time’ photos showed our soup made by the eco group ad Mrs Howie with Mrs Houston in the Hospitality Department, made from our own home grown vegetables. Out eco committee and school council also received their badges. Three primary 7 children were awarded with their Head Teacher’s Award certificates (they will not be here on Friday due to Operation Safety) and our Houses Captains were also announced.

Eco Group’s ‘Soup at Snack Time’

Today we had our ‘Soup at Snack time’ with lentil soup made from our very own home grown vegetables. Back in the spring, we planted potatoes, onions, carrots, beetroot and swede. We harvested the potatoes, onions and carrots for the soup, which the Eco Committee made today with Mrs Houston in the High School’s Hospitality Department. There were so many carrots that Mrs Houston even made some carrot cake buns. We are very grateful to Mrs Houston for all her help and for the generous donations which came in with children. We have raised approximately £50 which will cover our other ingredients such as stock cubes and lentils and the rest will go towards our planting costs next spring!