Swimming Gala

On the 8th march Port Ellen Primary had their annual swimming gala, for the first time everybody actually took part in some form of swimming a race!

From a young age of 5 to 12, everybody was able to swim a length, width or half a length!

In primary one there was 2 races for boys and girls each, and they had to swim front crawl,(with a woggel).  Primary 2’s had to swim a width but had to swim front crawl as well as backstroke!

For the girls p6/7 championship, Emily Logan won the cup, and for the boys p6/7 championship, Ewan Mackinnon won the cup.

We have a relay race with our three houses, Orsay, Nave and Texa.

Orsay won! in the relay teams were for Orsay, Maisie Logan, Emily Logan, Reece Bowman and Cameron Clarke.

Texa- Eilidh Macmillan, Eleanor Macmillan, Scott Kinloch and Oliver Murhead!

Nave-Ellen Johnston, Elizabeth Macmillan, Ewan Mackinnon and Nicholas Weatherhog!

So in conclusion, everybody had a great morning and we had a really nice lunch to go back to!!

By Maisie Logan

Swimming Gala

At the swimming gala we had a lot of races including front crawl, backstroke, obstacle course and the relay. Orsay got in the lead early by winning races and stayed there and won the gala in points, but came second in the relay with Texa coming in 1st in the relay and Nave came 3rd in the relay. In the points Orsay came 1st Texa in 2nd and Nave in 3rd.

By Calum