P567 Endeavour

Every Wednesday afternoon we do Endeavour, Endeavour is a personal topic that we learn about or a year. at the end of the year we have an Endeavour fair to show what we have achieved in the year, different Endeavour topics in our class are:

Holly-birds                                             Sophie-animations                                             Lauren-bath and beauty

Ellie-toys from the past                       Kaitlyn-cake decorating                                    Abi-photography

Sarah-giant pandas                              Natalie-horse care/riding                                 Eva-beauty and skin care

Struan-the body                                    Darren-golf history                                            Andre-graphic novel

Aaron-art                                                Rhys-kodu                                                           Taylor-sports

Matthew-comics                                   Jack-golf                                                               Charlie-the Cal mac boats

Aidan- deforestation                          Ruaraidh-book making                                      Rowan-magic tricks

Rebecca-Islay kids website                  Kaya-poetry                                                          Ciaran-engineering

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