Mar 232011

This term we are learning creation stories and doing puppet shows and shadow puppets. One of the creation stories is about how the world came from an egg, a dog breaks out of the egg and he holds up the sky, his tears fill the streams and rivers and seas. Another creation story is how the turtle carried the world, we are using shadow puppets to act the scenes out, well there was a sky city up in the clouds and there was a hole in the sky and sky women fell down and nearly drowns but then 2 swans flew up and caught her, then some animals went under the water but couldn’t bring any mud up, then the grandmother toad went under and brought up mud and place it on the turtles back. Now the puppet show, there is 5 puppets one is called Bob that is very crazy because he makes weird noises, there is Jim who is the clever one and does all the research, there is Killer who wants to eat the humans so him and his gang can RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!, Fred talks very slow because he is the thickest out the lot and finally Zob is the one that has a deep voice and always says dude after every word he says. They want to find out about all the different creation stories.

Ruby (P5)

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