Group 11 – Monday 30 March

Good morning Group 11!

Kermit has a Thought of the Week for you all

You could work on your transition passport today and could also try some of the following:

Movement: put your favourite song on and dance like no one is watching.  We are going to use

Life Skills:  help sort the washing.

Maths: There are some lovely ideas for maths already on the blog.  We are going to play some maths games here

PE:  See Gerry and Pedro’s ideas. We are going to do some PE with Joe Wicks on

Story: Read your favourite book or listen to one of these stories.

Signing: check Lorna’s sign of the day video.

Art: We are going to try some drawing with Steve.  You can find it on the blog. Show us your creations.

Outdoor Learning:  We are going to go back in time with Gerry,  You can find his lesson on the blog.

HWB: We are going to do some meditation.  We are using this one


I’ll update this post with pics of our day later. I’d love to hear how your day went too!


Have a good day, Kirsty.

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