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Group 2 – Friday 1st May

Hi Group 2! Hooray – it’s a new month, today is the 1st of May!

  1. Morning Activities
  2. Assembly – Have a look at Tracey’s assembly
  3. Literacy: Time for some listening skills – can you guess the sound; point to the right picture
  4. Social Studies: Have a look at the SOCIAL STUDIES section to see what Ana has for you
  5. SNACK
  6. Story:  Here’s a story about Hairy Maclary: https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/have-some-fun/storybooks-and-games/hairy-maclary/
  7. Sign of the Day: 
  8. Food Technology: Check out the Pinewood recipe book under ‘resources’ for ideas for what to make today, or click on the FOOD TECHNOLOGY section to find out what Hazel has planned for you
  9. LUNCH
  10. ICT/Technology: Check out what Kirsty has planned for you today in the ICT section
  11. Music: Have a look on Connie’s MUSIC section to see what delights she has for you!

Have a fantastic weekend, Group 2!

Hello Everyone,

  1. Morning Activities:
  2. Maths:  Today is all about prepositions – can you say, choose or cut and stick where they are all hiding – in front or behind?<


  3. Fiddly Fingers:
  4. SNACK
  5. Story:   Sign along to Rumble in the Jungle here: https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/have-some-fun/storybooks-and-games/rumble-in-the-jungle/
  6. Sign of the Day
  7. Music Click on MUSIC to find out what Connie has planned for you today
  8. LUNCH
  9. Sensory: 
  10. DanceFind out what Rachel has planned for you by clicking on the DANCE section

Red class – Thursday 30th of April

Good morning Red class,

what is the weather like today?  

Life skills – can you help sort  the cutlery

maths – try the numberblocks


fiddly fingers – try this

all you need are some pasta and straws.

snack – remember to wash you hands,

then remember to tidy up your plate

story – same as yesterday!

sign of the day – check Lorna’s posts

music – see what Connie and Gordon’s posts

lunch  – remember to wash your hands

then tidy up 

sensory – you’ll need shaving foam, paint and your fingers!

dance – check what Rachel has posted

I thought you could finish the day by looking at the zoo animals again,

and this 



I hope you have a nice day,