Science festival in Edinburgh now digital!


I just received an email about the Edinburgh Science festival that lasts over the holidays.

This looks a great show

General page

this is just one example of one of the shows they usually have – my own family always loved the Edinburgh Science festival so have a look at some of their digital ones that are on everyday!

Friday 3 April

Good Morning everyone.

It’s the last day of the Term before the Easter Holidays.

Remember to do your morning circle and sing some songs 

Life Skills

Remember your challenge was to see how many of these skills you could do or assist with in the house, continue today and let me know how you got on.


Easter Learning 

Today we will look at the Story of Easter

Can you Make an Easter Garden?  Have a look at David’s art lesson (link below)

Create an Easter Garden



As it is now spring, I thought it made sense to listen to a spring story


Sign of the Day

Remember to catch Lorna’s sign of the day on the tabs to the right


Food Technology

Can you make some Easter Cakes?  Let me see them (this is also activity for during the holidays)

Some ideas..

  • rice crispie/corn flake Easter nests with mini eggs
  • Easter creme egg tiffin
  • Spring time cupcakes

Remember to wash you hands before and after doing this.  Have lots of fun



A reminder of this weeks STEM challenge which can be extended in to the holidays



Do the above STEM challenge

Go and watch some of the animals LIVE at Chester Zoo.. don’t miss out

Virtual Zoo



Have a look at Gordon and Connies music lessons at the side – there is Friends of Pinewood and some spring time songs

or have a look at the same boat stuff and let me see you singing and dancing.


Enjoy your Holidays everyone.. see you soon!

Spring on a farm

Hello everyone,

It is Springtime. Spring is the busiest season of all on a farm.

In spring:

  • Snow melts and fields and roads flood.
  • Weather warms and animals get outside.
  • Young animals are born.
  • Fields are prepared for planting crops.

Spring is here, the leaves on the hedgerows and trees start to grow and they are transformed from brown to green. The crops also change, the oil seed rape starts to grow and later in spring, it will flower and go bright yellow.

One of the best but most tiring parts of spring for the farmer is lambing time! It is brilliant to see all the new born lambs.

Have a look at this video about spring on the farm.

Spring activities

(You can find in here activities for iPad or netbook) – Drawing, colouring, matching games, puzzle – all about spring.

Why not try to make this craft below– woolly peg sheep.

Have a look at this excellent idea from David, art teacher.

Create an Easter Garden

Have a lovely Easter Break. Linda & Ana

Silver – Friday 3rd April

Hello song, Calendar and Movement songs – usual routine 🙂

Life Skills


Try building your name from lego! You could also use magnetic letters if you have them. Or go outside and use sticks, twigs, stones and leaves!





Then you could watch some Alphablocks!

Social Studies

Living vs Non Living Things



Signs of the Day with Lorna

Food technology 

A lovely little Easter recipe!



Go out for a walk and take a photo of these items in someone’s window:

  • a rainbow
  • a teddy bear

Music with Gordon/Connie – in the “music” tab on the right


Have a good day and enjoy your Easter holidays!!