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Red class – Monday 22nd of June

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 Hello Red class, this is our last week of school before the summer holidays.  It is not how any of us expected to end our year together but you should be very proud of yourselves for all your successes.  I am very proud of you. Well done! 

Have a marvellous Monday everyone!

Outdoor Learning 15th June

Dinosaur Excavation

Good Morning Everyone,

For Outdoor Learning this week we are going exploring with ICE. What are we looking for? Well that depends on what you have at home. If you have some toy Dinosaurs then perfect. If not don’t worry you can use any small toy that wont be damaged with water.

This sensory activity will be working with water and ice and a very small toy, small enough to fit in a balloon. If you don’t have a balloon then you can use some small containers or tubs as long as they will fit in the freezer.

Resources that you will need

  • A few balloons (3 should be more than enough)
  • A very small toy for each balloon you have that won’t be damaged with water. Some ideas could be a small dinosaur, a Lego person, a toy soldier.

Activity 1

  1. Lets get started. Watch the video to give you an idea of what we are trying to do.
  2. Click here to watch video on how to make Dinosaur Eggs

Activity 2

  1. Gather 3 Balloons or tubs
  2. Gather 3 small toys that will fit in your balloons that wont be damaged with water
  3. If you want to be extra creative and want your eggs to be a different colour you may want to ask for some food colouring or glitter and add them inside the balloon before you add the water

You can see how adding the glitter makes the eggs look really cool.


Click below for some more pictures and help if required.

Frozen Dinosaur Eggs Sensory Play

Activity 3

  1. Stretch the balloons
  2. Ask for help to get the small dinosaur or whatever small toy you have chose inside the balloon
  3. Once inside the balloon we add water to the balloon
  4. You now need to tie the balloons to stop the water escaping

Activity 4

  1. We now need to Freeze the dinosaur or toy so it needs to go in the?
  2. Place the balloons inside the freezer

Activity 5

  1. Leave the Dinosaurs in the freezer overnight.

Activity 6

  1. Now that you have 3 frozen dinosaurs you can now “Excavate” them. Which means carefully remove some of the layers surrounding your special dinosaur or toy
  2. You can do this indoors our outdoors.
  3. Free Play with the Dinosaur eggs.

Some Ideas:

  • Hide the eggs in the garden and see if your family can find them or ask them to hide them and you try and find them.
  • Make a dinosaur swamp. With a bucket and some leaves and grass and add some water sit your eggs on top.
  • See how many ways you can clear the ice to get to the dinosaur.
  • Hide them round the garden and when you find them you can hatch the egg.
  • My Favourite game – Place the egg in the garden on some leaves and grass. Like a nest. Once the egg has Baan placed you can no longer touch the egg with your hands until the dinosaur is free. Can you carefully remove the ice without touching the egg with your hands? I tried this and used some water to put over the egg, I used both Hot and Cold Water. which one works best?
  • Remember you may need help from an adult when using hot water.

Have fun