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Gold Class Friday 29th May

Morning everyone, what a beautiful day.

  1. Head over to assembly, there are some great photos of Pinewood pupils.

2: Literacy: Have you read a book recently? Complete this review on it.

3: Social Studies


4: Story – Continuing with our China theme, listen to this traditional story from China called The Five Chinese Brothers.

5. Go and see what Lorna has planned for you in Sign of the day.

6. Food Technology: Why dont you try baking these Chinese cookies

7. ICT – Can you find out 5 facts about China using the internet?

8. On Fridays we have Music – head over and see what has been planned for you.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Make Music with GarageBand dance loops

iPad music appsGarageBand is a powerful music making app that comes freeĀ  for iPad or iPhone.

There are lots of areas to explore, from virtual instruments like guitar, keyboard, drums and orchestra.

This week I am going to show you how to make dance music using loops.

  • You can swap sounds in and out
  • You can layer your music to build it up.
  • There are lots of live effects possible (see the FX button)
  • Take turns with someone else adding in or changing the sounds one at a time.
  • As well as playing it live, you can record it and listen back later.
  • Use it as a soundtrack for a video.

Good for: This would be a good activity to create fun music to dance to or to create a party atmosphere and share with others.