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Group 5 Circle Time Thursday 28th May

Hello everyone,

How are you today? Today I feel like Mr Grumpy again. Can you remember why I am grumpy on a Thursday?

Dear Grumpy Shopper | Happy Mum Happy Child

That’s right, it’s shopping day again and that always makes me grumpy!

Who do you feel like today? Remember to ask someone in your house too.

Import Posters MR MEN AND LITTLE MISS – Characters – Wall Poster ...

To cheer myself up I am going to do my movement to some disco yoga. This should help.

For life-skills could you help write a shopping list for your family? Get some paper and a pencil and start writing or drawing what you need.

Your first lesson today is Maths, so check out Clare’s posts in the General Maths section. Don’t worry if the posts say groups 1, 2 and 3, you’re allowed to read them too! Just choose some activities you would like to do.

After Maths it is time for Fiddly Fingers and for another origami animal. Try making this cute cat.

Take a break and then come back for story time at 10.30. Today’s story is

Peppa Pig: I Love You, Mummy Pig: Amazon.co.uk: Peppa Pig: Books

Check out Sign of the Day with Lorna and then it is time for Music with Connie and Gordon. I wonder what they are up to today, they are usually having great fun.

Have a nice lunch, perhaps a picnic in the garden again, and then it is time for Dance with Rachel.

Last thing of the day is some sensory time. Why not find somewhere comfortable to relax and watch this sand-shifting video. It certainly relaxes me!

Have a great day.


Orange Class – Thursday 28th May

Hello everyone and good morning!

Lets start the day with our Morning Circle


On Thursdays we have P.E.

Here are some brilliant ideas of games that you can make and play at home using things in your house. Perhaps you could try some today! Get creative and have fun!

Did you try any?

Don’t forget sign of the day with Lorna


Now, Time for Maths.  Today a super fun shape sorting game!

On Thursdays we also have art with David

Now, story time.  Read Topsy and Tim Go camping, then watch them on a camping trip.


How about some movement?  Pirates with Go Noodle!

Sensory Bags at Home

Here are some ideas for making sensory Bags from our friends at OT – Thank-you!

Click on the link below the picture of sensory bags.

Sensory Bags Handout

OK. I hope the sun is shining because it’s time to get outside!

Outdoor Learning Games

A fun game to play outdoors. Alphabet Hopscotch!  I am sure you can do this with numbers, shapes or colours too.

Time for relaxation

Have a super Thursday!



Orange Class – Wednesday 27th May

Hello everyone!

I hope your feeling well and ready for Wednesday!

Lets start with Morning Circle

Don’t forget Lorna’s sign of the day


On Wednesday it’s time for Music


Lets do some Maths


Lets do some Jobs


Let’s get outside and do some gardening!

Thanks to Scott.

Let’s have some outdoors fun!

It’s Story time


Time to relax.  Some more Flower on the PS4 for you to watch.


Have a super Wednesday.


Group 5 Circle Time Wednesday 27th May

Hi everyone,

How are you today? Today I feel like Mr Chatterbox because on Wednesday evening I always phone my best friend for a chat and we often have lots to talk about.

Mr. Chatterbox | Mr. Men Wiki | Fandom

Who do you feel like today? Remember to ask someone in your house too.

Today for Movement how about a Harry Potter work out?

For life-skills today could you call someone on the phone? Who could you call? Try to think of someone who might really appreciate a call to cheer them up. Remember to check with a parent before you dial! Or you could send someone an e-mail. I always like getting e-mails if you would like to write to me!

Your first lesson today is Literacy so check out Laura’s posts in the Language section.

Then it is time for PE so time to check out what Pedro is up to in the PE section.

Have a break and then it is story-time at 10.30. Today’s story is

Hey, That's MY Monster! (I Need My Monster): Amazon.co.uk: Amanda ...

Then check out Sign of the Day with Lorna followed by Art with Steve.

Have a nice lunch and then come back for Science with Sarah. Check out my Blog for group 4 and 5 (it’s all about citrus fruits) but if you fancy something more hands-on try my Science post for groups 8 and 10  (all about the senses).

Last thing, Health and Well-being. Why not try this activity again? Get some paper and a pencil and take your ‘pencil for walk’. You’ll be surprised at how relaxing it is!

Have a great day.