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Red class – Friday 29th of May

Dancing Hello

How is everyone?  It was such a lovely day yesterday!

Remember, on Fridays we always have assembly, check and see what Tracey has posted, it is all about Achieving Antman. 

what job will you choose to do?

language – can you name all the animals you see on this page?

watch and listen

now listen to this and guess what animal makes that noise.


story time

sign of the day with Lorna

food activity




Don’t forget music with Gordon and Connie


Have a great weekend, Sophie

Red class – Friday 22nd of May


Hi Wave GIF - Hi Wave Hello - Discover & Share GIFs | Hello gif ...

Apart form the heavy rain yesterday morning, it was a lovely day and I hope you managed to go outside.  It was warm and I could hear the birds!

Remember it’s assembly time today.

What are you going to do to help mummy or daddy?

Literacy – listen to these noises …

Look at these birds …


story time

sign of the day with Lorna


IT / technology

you will need

  1. a ball
  2. a box
  3. paper (any color)
  4. paint
  5. and some balls
  6.  Painting with balls and marbles is a fun way to combine process art and science.  Kids will have fun creating and experimenting with this simple activity. These are great process art ideas for preschool and pre-k. Add the activity to your preschool STEAM, art centers or lesson plans. It's easy to adapt for any season.. spring, summer, fall or winter. Add different balls and a ramp to increase learning...great science and art activities for your creative curriculum unit on balls or ball theme
  7. put drops on paint in the box and move the balls around in the box

Music with Connie




Have a lovely weekend everyone, I will be back on Monday.  Sophie

Red class – Friday 1st of May

Good morning everyone, Happy Friday!

remember to check Tracey’s assembly

Today I thought you could help with sorting the washing


literacy – a nice story thanks to Lorna


outdoor activity – hopefully it will not rain and you can go in the garden, what can you see?

Garden Activities That Will Grow Your Preschooler's Mind | Turner Tots Garden Themed Preschool Unit

and also 


story  – this is a favourite of ours!

sign of the day – check Lorna’s post

food activities – I love chocolate and I love raspberries, why not try these?

Raspberry & Chocolate Muffins

here is the recipe, I have tried it, it is very easy and they are yummy!


ICT – have fun on the iPad or tablet, try these apps (check in the technology section for more info)


music with Connie and Gordon – check their posts, lots and lots of songs

story massage with Nicole – Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell

and finish with relaxation 




Friday 24th of April – Pink Class

It’s Friday!!!!!

Calendar –

Is this the last Friday in April? Check the April section of the calendar? How many days are there left in April?

April 2020 Printable Calendar Free PDF with Notes - Learnworksheet ...

Assembly –

Tracey has this weeks assembly ready for us – have a look and join in with the songs.

Movement –

Check out the movement section and get moving!

Life Skills –

Can you help make lunch for your family today?

Literacy –

Click on the link below. Can you read these words? Make up a sentence using some of the words.

Initial sight words

Enjoy this story then see if you can answer the questions.


Social Studies –

Can you make a map of your walk today or your garden?

Story –

Let’s listen to some more stories about the earth.

Signs of the Day –

What signs will we learn today. Pop over to this section to sign with Lorna.

Food Technology –

Have a look through Pinewoods recipe book (using tab on right hand side). What could you make? Or make these yummy flapjacks again.

ICT/Technology –

Music – 

What does Connie have planned for you today? Did you join in with singalong yesterday?

Challenge of the Day –

Use some of that sunshine to draw some shadow animals. What else would create a shadow for you to draw? Be creative!

Another challenge for you –

We have been working on birds this week and I’ve just found a great spotter sheet. Use this on your daily walks, see how many birds you spot over the weekend.

Have a great day and a restful weekend Pink Class!



Friday Assembly 24.4.20


Hello Every-one

We have an assembly for you all today. Thank-you to Connie who has recorded all the songs for you to sing – much appreciated!

A technical challenge for me…..but I think I have survived the challenge.

We hope you enjoy singing with your family at home.

Friday 27th of September – Pink Class

Good morning Pink Class!

It’s Friday!  Friday dance time!

Assembly –

Friday is assembly day and Tracey has posted today’s assembly under Primary Assembly. Enjoy!

Easter Singalong –

Connie has posted an Easter singalong. Some of our favourite spring and Easter songs can be found here. Can you teach someone in your family the songs, movement and signs?

Calendar –

Let’s have fun with the months today. Someone in your family will know ‘the Macarena’. Learn the moves while ordering the months of the year.

Movement –

see Movement section for some great ideas

Life Skills –

Have a look at your room, can you tidy it?

Literacy –

Look through a book, can you find any words with more than 5 letters?

Social Studies –

Draw a picture of your house


Story –

Here is a story about a very different house. Can you describe the house to someone in your family? How is the inside different to the outside? Talk about the characters in the story. If you had a Gingerbread house what would it be made of? Yummy!

Sign of the Day –

Learn some signs with Lorna.

Food Technology –

Make some yummy Easter Egg Nest cakes. Click on link below for the recipe.


ICT/Technology –

Have some fun with string! Make a Cat’s Cradle. I used to do this when I was a wee girl. Click on link below for some ideas.


Music – 

Easter singalong or click on Music section for some more ideas.

Challenge of the Day –

Find 5 squares around your house.

Clock icon in square design    cookie isolated on white

Have a good day Pink Class and I’ll be back in touch in 3 days….. what day will that be?


Primary Assembly 27.3.20

Primary Assembly 

Good Morning Every-one

Click on the link below this picture to see the power point for our NURTURE Assembly.  I have added the fischy music link for the ‘Welcome Song’ and the ‘We Can Make a Difference’ song below too (that’s all my tech skills allow at the moment – sorry!)

The signs are a little different from the Signalong we use in school, but it beats singing without the music!!

Hopefully I can learn how to improve this for next week!

Have a fab Friday!!


Here is our Friday assembly for this week (27.3.20)


Welcome Everybody – Fischy Music

Make a Difference – Fischy Music