Friday 24th of April – Pink Class

It’s Friday!!!!!

Calendar –

Is this the last Friday in April? Check the April section of the calendar? How many days are there left in April?

April 2020 Printable Calendar Free PDF with Notes - Learnworksheet ...

Assembly –

Tracey has this weeks assembly ready for us – have a look and join in with the songs.

Movement –

Check out the movement section and get moving!

Life Skills –

Can you help make lunch for your family today?

Literacy –

Click on the link below. Can you read these words? Make up a sentence using some of the words.

Initial sight words

Enjoy this story then see if you can answer the questions.


Social Studies –

Can you make a map of your walk today or your garden?

Story –

Let’s listen to some more stories about the earth.

Signs of the Day –

What signs will we learn today. Pop over to this section to sign with Lorna.

Food Technology –

Have a look through Pinewoods recipe book (using tab on right hand side). What could you make? Or make these yummy flapjacks again.

ICT/Technology –

Music – 

What does Connie have planned for you today? Did you join in with singalong yesterday?

Challenge of the Day –

Use some of that sunshine to draw some shadow animals. What else would create a shadow for you to draw? Be creative!

Another challenge for you –

We have been working on birds this week and I’ve just found a great spotter sheet. Use this on your daily walks, see how many birds you spot over the weekend.

Have a great day and a restful weekend Pink Class!



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