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Orange Class Friday 24th April

Good morning Orange Class!

It’s sunny, the birds are singing and it’s time to get going!

On Fridays we have assembly!

Scroll down in the Orange Class 4 pages (below) to find the Assembly or search on the Tag!

Next it’s time for sign of the day!

What day is it today again? It’s Friday!

That was fun!  talking about fun have you had a shot at the Orange Class Challenge?   Scroll down to find out what I am talking about!  There will be a new challenge next week!


Fancy some sensory games to play on your tablet?

Fun games to play

You can find them here http://www.shinylearning.co.uk/freegames/

Time for some jobs?  How about helping with the washing?

Story Time!    Today we are going to read Hide and Seek Pig.


Can you answer the questions?



It’s Friday so we should do our reflection sheets!

Time to get outside!  How are you getting on with your birds?

How many have you seen?

You could try building your own birds next with Clare!

Hello Everyone.

I hope you’re all well and happy.

If you look carefully you might see some birds building nests.

Today I thought you could try and build your own nest.

Click the link for what to do

Build a Nest

Have fun!


Photo Fun!  I thought we could post up new photos or videos on Fridays.  I hope you like them.





Finally lets finish up with Nicole’s Story massage.


Have a great day.  see you on Monday!


Group 4 – Friday 24th April

Good morning everyone.

Here are some activities for you to try today.

Morning routine


Movement – have a go at this Zumba dance to waken you up this morning!


Have a look at the language section to find out what Laura has planned for you today.


Today’s story is “The magic paintbrush”.

This traditional story is about using your talents to help others. What can the magic paintbrush do? Watch and find out!

Imagine you have a magic paintbrush. What do you paint? Write a comment and let me know about it!

Social studies

Have a look at the SOCIAL STUDIES section to find some activities related to Earth day.

Signs of the day

Check out Lorna’s sign of the day video.

Food Technology

Check for some ideas post by Hazel in Food technology or you can use our Pinewood Recipe Book and try your favourite recipe.

ICT & Choosing time

How has your week been?

  1. Have you listened to your mum/dad/gran?
  2. Have you been kind to all?
  3. Have you been polite?
  4. Did you have fun?

For good listening, being kind and polite, and being helpful you will get 5 min for each day.

How many minutes is your choosing time?

You can choose a favourite game on the device or game console of your choice.

Make a good choice!


Have a sing with Connie and Gordon from one of their posts.

Have a nice weekend.


Group 11 – Friday 24 April

Good morning, what a quick week!!!

It was nice to catch up with your parents this week and hear about all the nice things you guys have been doing. It was a special treat to talk to some of you.  I’ll phone again next week to see how you are all doing. I miss you all and have been thinking about our lovely memories and this is one of my favourites.

You could try some of the following today:

Movement: put your favourite song on and dance like no one is watching.  We are going to Shake if Off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2xooz6844k&list=RDQMi0jmN73OrnI&index=2

Life Skills:  You could help make the beds today.

Literacy: See Laura’s blog or play some of these games http://more.starfall.com/?t=292556028&nrb=1&y=1https://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/category/22/most-popular

Social Studies:   See Ana’s blog or learn about Florence Nightingale https://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/short-stories/florence-nightingale

Story: Read your favourite book or one from here http://www.magickeys.com/books/

Signing: check Lorna’s sign of the day video.

Food Technology:  See Hazel’s blog or help make lunch

ICT: See my blog.  We are going on a virtual trip to Loch Dunmore near Pitlochry.  Find some pictures.

Music: See Connie’s blog or finish with a bit of Karaoke to our song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZR4cVE0Htw


Have a lovely day, Kirsty

ICT – Friday 24 April

Let’s go on a virtual trip!

I really want to go somewhere peaceful and calm.  Come with me!

We are going to go over the Queensferry Crossing.  Take a screenshot.

We are going past the Hermitage at Dunkeld.  Take a screenshot.

We are driving through Pitlochry. Take a screenshot.

We are going to feed the ducks at the boating station in Pitlochry and having a cake. Take a screenshot.

We are going to walk around Loch Dunmore. Take a screenshot.

We are having dinner at McKays Restaurant.  See if you can find the menu.


Play sensory games on your tablet.  You can find some here http://www.shinylearning.co.uk/freegames/