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Group 11 Reflection

Hey guys

Have lovely summer holidays. Chill out and enjoy a good break.

This is a nice wee activity to finish the year.


My favourite teachers were Connie for taking staff choir and Rachel for teaching me to dance.  My friends were Lauren, Rose Ann and Jackie. My favourite activity was staff choir.  My favourite place to visit was Pets at Home. My favourite food was every meal that you guys cooked with Scott for staff lunches. My new skill was having the confidence to sing in a small group. The funniest memory is Misbah doing his Kermit impression.

Feel free to send me pictures of your holidays.  I’ll check my email every so often to see your happy faces,

See you all soon, whether for your last year at Pinewood or your graduation.

Stay happy, Kirsty. x

Group 11 Reflection

Hi guys

Here is your task for Tuesday:


My favourite thing to do this year was go shopping with you guys.  My favourite memory was doing the Tooty Ta Ta dance at the Children in Need disco with you all. I also loved dancing in Strictly and seeing you guys dance,

I’d love to see your answers, Kirsty.

Group 11 Reflection

Good morning

I hope you all had a lovely weekend?

I thought we could work on a bit of reflection about our school year in the last week.

Here is today’s task:


I would like to live in a cottage by the sea.  I want to be happy and have nice friends.

Let me know your answers, Kirsty.


Today is the day we have been waiting for!

It is Prom Day!!!!!

Have a lovely day getting organised for your party and getting glammed up.

Before your prom begins I will post a facebook link with your DJ set to play at 6pm.  I advise that you check it works on your device.  It works on my laptop but not on my phone. DO NOT STRESS IF YOU CAN’T GET IT WORKING. PUT YOUR OWN TUNES ON AND DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY.

I will post a video with some good luck messages from staff.

Send me pictures or videos of your night at and I will upload them throughout the night.

Have a great night.  I can’t wait to see your pictures, Kirsty.

Virtual Prom DJ Set

6pm is the time to start your party.

Here is your DJ Set 

If you can’t get it to work then don’t stress.  This is the running order:

You can now play some of your favourite songs from your playlist.

Here is a wee special message for the leavers to end with:

A few late entries:

Have a ball, Kirsty. x