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Orange Class – Friday 26th June

Hello and good morning to everyone in the Orange Class!

Don’t forget Tracey and Connie’s Assembly this morning.  You will see lots of your friends. https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/wl/pinewoodschoolblog/category/assembly/

It is difficult to put into words how I feel today so it will be pictures.gail williams | MY HERO



Things have been strange over the last three months.Online Learning Activities for Kids During Coronavirus Closures



But every person in the Orange Team has been thinking of you all.
Stop Motion Love GIF by Mochimochiland - Find & Share on GIPHY



After the rain comes ….  rainbows!Make it Rain: a fun SVG Animation Project for Beginners | Svg ...



Now things are getting a little easierKids Playing with Bubbles in the Park on Make a GIF



 and we can look forward to this…
After the lock-down ends - Imgflip



So it’s time to relax….Pokemon pikachu togepi relaxing floating



and remember to….Summer GIF on GIFER - by Fordreth

Have a fabulous Friday and a super summer!

Missing you already.

David.  🙂

Orange Class – Thursday 25th June

Hello everyone.  It’s Thursday today.

Hello Hi GIF - Hello Hi Jump GIFs

Will we start with Circle Time?

Let’s try sign of the day with Lorna.  Click below.


On Thursdays we have P.E. with Pedro. Click the link below.


Now, it is time for some reading

What about some maths?

Who’s the tallest in your house?

We have art with David on a Thursday.


It’s time for our jobs.  What will you choose today?

Lets see what Scott has been getting up to in the garden. Today we are cleaning tools and pots!

How about some sensory fun! Have you heard of Yarn Bombing?

Thanks to Gina.

Now it is time to relax

Have a terrific Thursday.


Thursday 25th June Group 6

Good Morning everyone. This is our last Morning Circle before the holidays as we have something exciting and different planned for tomorrow.


On a Thursday  we have Maths go and see what has been planned for you.

Fiddly fingers:

Story: do you like Tacos?

Go and see what Lorna has planned for sign of the day

On Thursday you have Music and Dance go and see what has been planned.



Find some Dandelions!

That is all for today. I hope you can all make it back tomorrow for our end of term virtual class trip!

Bye for Now, Claire

Orange Class – Wednesday 24th June

Good morning everyone!

Good Morning Entrance GIF - GoodMorning Entrance Confident GIFs

Will we start with circle time?

Now it’s time for Sign of the day,   Click below.


On Wednesdays we have music.   Click below.


How about some Fruity fun in Food Technology

Now, time for some maths.


How about some Reading?

It is time to do your jobs for today.

What about a super sensory activity?

Now, it is time for movement?

Let’s relax!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Wednesday 24th June Group 6

Good Morning everyone – I saw on the news that the weather is going to be nice and hot today. Look out the window, how is the weather today?

Lets do morning circle:

Movement get your caps and sunglasses and get cool for movement today!

On Wednesdays we have Literacy and PE – go and see what has been planned.


Go and see what Lorna has planned for sign of the day

On Wednesday we have Art and Science – go and see what has been planned for you.

HWB lets do some mindfulness and practice breathing techniques. When you see the stack of cards click on the next one to get your next instructions.


Orange Class – Tuesday 23rd June

Hello to the Orange Class.  How is everyone this morning?

Box Hi GIF - Box Hi Hello GIFs

Let’s have circle time


It’s time for Lorna’s Sign of the Day.  Click the link below.

On Tuesdays we have Dance.

That was fun!

How about a story?   Today we have Peppa PigMy Granny.

Time to get outside!  Anyone for a picnic?

Thanks to Ana

What jobs are you doing today

Now, how about some sound bingo?

Did you guess any?

Let’s relax!

Have a terrific Tuesday.