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Orange Class – Thursday 28th May

Hello everyone and good morning!

Lets start the day with our Morning Circle


On Thursdays we have P.E.

Here are some brilliant ideas of games that you can make and play at home using things in your house. Perhaps you could try some today! Get creative and have fun!

Did you try any?

Don’t forget sign of the day with Lorna


Now, Time for Maths.  Today a super fun shape sorting game!

On Thursdays we also have art with David

Now, story time.  Read Topsy and Tim Go camping, then watch them on a camping trip.


How about some movement?  Pirates with Go Noodle!

Sensory Bags at Home

Here are some ideas for making sensory Bags from our friends at OT – Thank-you!

Click on the link below the picture of sensory bags.

Sensory Bags Handout

OK. I hope the sun is shining because it’s time to get outside!

Outdoor Learning Games

A fun game to play outdoors. Alphabet Hopscotch!  I am sure you can do this with numbers, shapes or colours too.

Time for relaxation

Have a super Thursday!



Orange Class – Wednesday 27th May

Hello everyone!

I hope your feeling well and ready for Wednesday!

Lets start with Morning Circle

Don’t forget Lorna’s sign of the day


On Wednesday it’s time for Music


Lets do some Maths


Lets do some Jobs


Let’s get outside and do some gardening!

Thanks to Scott.

Let’s have some outdoors fun!

It’s Story time


Time to relax.  Some more Flower on the PS4 for you to watch.


Have a super Wednesday.


Orange Class – Tuesday 26th May

Hello to the Orange Class!

It is time for Morning Circle

Don’t forget to check Lorna’s sign of the day.

Today we have a new Orange Class Challenge!  This one has been set by Fiona.


Let’s do some maths.  Today we are learning about money.



Story time – The second of the Stories with out words.  I hope you like it!

On Tuesdays we have dance!


Now outside!

Thanks to Gina.

Now for some sensory Deep pressure!

Here are some activities from our friends at OT if you think that your child would benefit from deep pressure.

Just click on the link below the picture.

Heavy work and deep pressure CAMHS

Hopefully you can find some ideas that help at home.

Have you done your jobs for today?


Now, how about some cooking? Nachos any one?



Finally time to relax!

Have a good Tuesday.



Orange Class – Friday 22nd May

Good morning to you!

It’s Friday so first thing today it is Primary Assembly.  Choose Assemblies on the right menu.

Now time for Morning Circle


Don’t forget your reflection sheet for today.


This weekend Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr – also known as the Feast of Fast-Breaking as it marks the end of the Ramadan fasting period.

Have a blessed Eid! 


Would you like to look at some photographs to see what your friends have been doing?


Remember Lorna’s sign of the day!

Next it is time for a tidy up.  What are the jobs for today?

475 Best PECS images | Speech, language, Autism resources, Autism ...
Let’s do some Art with David

Art – Shaving foam marbling

Materials neededa tray, dish or similar containershaving foamfood colouringtoothpick, wooden skewer or pencilpaper or card and a piece of thick card or cloth ‘scraper’.


Start by squirting out some shaving foam onto your dish. You only need a thin layer, and this will act as your base. Then drop on some food colouring. You can add as many different colours as you like. Use a toothpick, wooden skewer or pencil to swirl the food colouring through the shaving foam to create a design you like. Then press a piece of paper or card on to the shaving foam, smoothing the paper/card a little so that all the surface is in contact with the foam. It only needs to touch for a second or two for the food colouring to transfer. Carefully peel back the paper/card and place it face-up on the table. You can repeat the process again and again, adding more food colouring if you want to. Once your marbling surface becomes too full of colours simply rinse off all the colour and foam and begin the process again.

That was FAB fun!

Now how about some movement?

How about some reading?


Time to relax..

Have a blessed weekend.


Orange Class – Thursday 21st May

Hello Orange Class and good morning!

Morning Circle


Don’t forget Lorna’s sign of the day!

On Thursdays we have P.E.  first thing in the morning.  Today it is with Gerry!

Good Morning,  We all hope you enjoyed Sports Day last week and hope you enjoyed meeting some new Friends.

Mira and So in particular wanted to say a big thank you for taking part and also …

Today we are going to continue with some activities from Mia & So.

Activity 1 – Warm Up Challenge
Mira and So would like you to imagine you are an Olympic Volleyball Player in this challenge. You don’t need any equipment, just a space to sit or lay on the floor and your voice or imagination. See link – Play Without Equipment – Challenge

Activity 2 -Jingle Jar
For this activity you need a small jar or tub and some dried peas, rice, lentils or pasta, or anything else that will rattle to make a noise. In this game Mira & So want you to use one of your super-senses. Preferably through touch or sound but you can decide. You will also need a blind fold for one of the players. If you find it too difficult don’t worry, you can ask if you can peek a little. See link – Listen Up or feel the vibration

 You might have to change this game slightly but don’t worry be flexible. As long as you can shake the tub with the rattle for 10 seconds then that counts too. Can you do that 3 times each? or Lay on the floor with your eyes covered and guess what side the noise of vibration is coming from, maybe even guess what part of your body it rolled into.

Activity 3 – Become the Teacher
Mira & So think its a good idea for you to now become the PE teacher. They would like you to create your own active game. Have a look around the house and decide what equipment is safe to use. Will you play indoors or outdoors. Its up to you.
Here are some ideas to help –  Be the Teacher – Active Indoors Challenge

Well done today, you have been very creative!

Please remember there are lots of PE & Movement activities here on this blog and you can repeat any of these if you wish. Repetition is good. Today’s lesson if just some newer challenges. Just do what you can.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Time for Maths!


Outside: Did you enjoy the bird bingo yesterday? her’s another one today!


They are beautiful – even the scruffy little sparrows!

Time for a story!   It’s a class favourite today!

Time for some Yoga.  Are you ready for a challenge?


Relaxation time

Have a great Thursday!


Orange Class – Wednesday 20th May

Good morning on a bright, sunny, soon to be warm Wednesday!

Lets kick things off with Morning Circle.


On Wednesday mornings we have music with Gordon.                                                                    Why not try making a magical musical circle?


Scroll down for Connie’s Music lesson for today or search category music.


Now for a Story.  Today we are going on a Kipper the Dog adventure to The Seaside.


What about an Art activity for your window?


Now time to get outside.  I saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker yesterday.  Isn’t it great!


Which was your favourite?

Time for exercise.  Can you spell your name? You could do this outside!

Can you exercise to your name?

Lets do some jobs around the house

Which ones will you do?

Time for relaxation!


Have a lovely Wednesday.


Orange Class / Blue Class – Tuesday 19th May

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

Will we start off with Circle Time?


Don’t forget Lorna’s Sign of the Day (category Sign of the Day).
Scroll down to yesterday to find the Orange class Challenge! 6

Now, let’s get going with some reading:

Have you ever had spots?  Ask mum!
How about some maths?



Jobs – time to tidy your room!

Challenge – How tall can you make a tower with your bricks?  Send me a photo!

Top 10 Best Building Block Toys For Kids [ #toys #kids #parenting ]


Time to get outside.  How about planting some peas to go with our runner beans?

On Tuesday’s we have dance.  Today we are having a sensory dance class.

Finally time to chill!

Have a great Tuesday!


Orange Class Friday 15th May

Good Morning to the Orange Class!

Did you try any of the sports day activities yesterday?   If so, send in your photos!

First today it is Friday Assembly.  Choose Assemblies on the right menu.

Now it’s time for Morning Circle.


Don’t forget Lorna’s Sign of the Day (category Sign of the Day).

Did you know that this morning there is another live event at Chester Zoo ?                          Today we have endangered species including Orangutans!  What is a Visayan warty pig?                Have a look via Facebook and let me know!

Itinerary – Friday 15th May

  • 10:00 – 10:20 👉 One horned rhinos 🦏
  • 11:00 – 11:20 👉 Mountain chicken frogs 🐸
  • 12:00 – 12:00 👉 Northern cheetahs 🐆
  • 13:00 – 13:20 👉 Tropical birds 🐦
  • 14:00 – 14:20 👉 Orangutans
  • 15:00 – 15:20 👉 Visayan warty pigs 🐷

3462250.jpgClick here

I always try to watch at least some of the live cams.  They are great!

Talking about great have a look at these great photographs of some professional cooking!


The sun is shining, let’s get outside straight away! Let’s go on a Minibeast Hunt.

I have an ant hotel in Animal Crossing.  Have you played Animal Crossing?


Time for some maths.  Today we are looking at money. Sorting coins is a great money activity to to keep your kids entertained! It’s so simple and an easy early learning activity.

A coin sorting activity is an easy, no prep money activity for kids!

There are two ways to do this: no-prep and low-prep. Take your pick.

The no-prep way: Dump out all your change on the table and have kids sort it.

The low-prep way: On a large piece of paper draw circles and label them with coin values and names. Kids sort coins accordingly. (See photo above)

There are even various ways to sort coins!

  • By coin value. Pennies, 5p, 10p etc.
  • By coin size. Line them up according to size.
  • By colour. Pennies in one pile, everything else in another.
  • By picture. Show your child the way not all coins have the same picture on the front.
  • By country. If you have foreign coins, add some into the mix!
  • By the date. A really interesting way to sort coins!

Depending on how hands-on you want to be you can turn the coin sorting activity into a discussion about coin values. For example, show them how 5 pennies  make a 5p.  Ten pennies make a 10p.  Two 5ps make a 10p and so on.

Reading Time!



It’s Friday so it is reflection time

Primary Reflection Time – Healthy Harry


Time to relax

Have a FAB Friday!


Orange Class Thursday 14th May

Good morning.  We can have a lot of fun with bubbles and straws today so let’s get going!

On Thursdays we start the day with P.E.  Please see Gerry and Pedro’s posts for a very special P.E. today – Sports day!

Now its time for the morning circle.


Don’t forget Lorna’s Sign of the Day – category sign of the day.

Orange Class Challenge:

Alice has been busy again!  Is there no limit to her imagination!

Make a fantastic Bubble machine!


We also have Art with David Bennett on a Thursday.  David has some super ideas for      bubble art below and we know how much the Orange Class like bubbles!



Now, how about some maths?  Have a shot at this.  It is not as easy as it looks!



Today, lets sharpen up on our listening skills.  Try to identify the animal sounds – it’s fun!


How about some movement?   What about a class favourite? We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

That was fun.
Story time!

Today’s story is ‘I don’t want to go to bed’.   Group 5 had a look at this yesterday.

Where did the Little Princess end up sleeping?


Sensory fun!

Did you try it?

Finally, some relaxation.  Follow the bubble……

Have a super Thursday!


Orange Class Wednesday 13th May

Good morning.  Happy Wednesday!

It is time for our Morning Circle.


How about a little science experiment?

Shaving Foam Rain Clouds

You can easily make a sensory rain cloud experiment for your children at home with just shaving foam.

picture of shaving cream rain clouds

Supplies for Shaving Foam Rain Clouds

  1. A Glass or Jar
  2. Shaving Foam
  3. Water
  4. Food Colouring
  5. Dropper or Straw

How To Make Shaving Foam Rain Clouds

Fill your glass or jar 3/4 of the way full with water. Add shaving foam to the top. This is our fluffy cloud.

Mix a little blue food colouring with some water. Again, this is option, but it makes the rain much easier to see.

Have your child add drops of the blue water to the cloud. As the water gets heavier and heavier it will start to fall out of the cloud and make rain!

This is what happens with real clouds. The water droplets get heavier and heavier until they fall down as rain. Fun fact: The average cumulus cloud weighs 1.1 million pounds!)

This activity works fine motor skills as your child manipulates the dropper or straw to add the droplets. You can also enjoy the sensory fun of playing with the clouds too.


Rachel has a new sensory dance Sway on the Blog.


Now it’s time for some maths



Which job will you choose today?



Time to get outdoors!


What about a story for today?

Did you manage to answer the questions?


Yoga time!


Finally, time for some relaxation……

I hope you enjoy your Wednesday.