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Red class – Tuesday 2nd of June

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Good morning everyone, did you enjoy the nice weather?  

technology – can you make a hungry caterpillar?

Can't wait to make these the week we teach butterflies and caterpillars!

dance with Rachel – I really miss not seeing you dancing and playing with the ribbons, the lights …


remember to help with the washing up but don’t get too wet!

story time

sign of the day with Lorna

Fiddly fingers


gardening – I have put together some ideas you might want to try

HWB – time for relaxation

I hope you have a super day!  Sophie



Red class – Tuesday 26th of May

Good morning Red class, 


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What job will you do today?



IT – technology – time to build a very tall tower!


Top 10 Best Building Block Toys For Kids [ #toys #kids #parenting ]

Time for dance with Rachel


story time – 

Don’t forget to check the sign of the day with Lorna.

Fiddly fingers

8 activities to develop fine motor skills at home - Little Lifelong Learners

click on the link below for more ideas



gardening ,

it was so windy on Saturday and Sunday, there are lots of leaves and twigs in my garden, time to tidy

HWB – yoga and relaxation


And that’s for today, Sophie


Gold Class Tuesday 26th May

Good morning everybody. I hope that you are all well. Here are some activities for today.


2. Technology – Try taking some photographs

3. Dance – go see what has been planned for you.

4. Story:

5. Go see what  Lorna has planned for sign of the day.

6. Fiddly fingers.

7. CDT

8. HWB: Try some relaxation:

That is all for today. Pop back tomorrow.


Friday 22nd of May – Pink Class

Happy Friday Pink Class!

I hope you are all well.

Follow the sway below for today’s activities, remember to scroll down to find the activities.

As it’s Friday there is two crazy challenges for the whole family.

Have a fun-filled Friday and a great weekend!


Red class – Friday 22nd of May


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Apart form the heavy rain yesterday morning, it was a lovely day and I hope you managed to go outside.  It was warm and I could hear the birds!

Remember it’s assembly time today.

What are you going to do to help mummy or daddy?

Literacy – listen to these noises …

Look at these birds …


story time

sign of the day with Lorna


IT / technology

you will need

  1. a ball
  2. a box
  3. paper (any color)
  4. paint
  5. and some balls
  6.  Painting with balls and marbles is a fun way to combine process art and science.  Kids will have fun creating and experimenting with this simple activity. These are great process art ideas for preschool and pre-k. Add the activity to your preschool STEAM, art centers or lesson plans. It's easy to adapt for any season.. spring, summer, fall or winter. Add different balls and a ramp to increase learning...great science and art activities for your creative curriculum unit on balls or ball theme
  7. put drops on paint in the box and move the balls around in the box

Music with Connie




Have a lovely weekend everyone, I will be back on Monday.  Sophie

Red class – Tuesday 19th of May

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life skills – help mummy or daddy

technology – how tall can you make a tower with your bricks?

Top 10 Best Building Block Toys For Kids  [ #toys #kids #parenting ]

dance – check to see what Rachel has posted

snack  – remember to be healthy


sign of the day – what will you learn with Lorna?

fiddly fingers – remember to do this with mummy or daddy


why don’t you help with the washing up?


gardening  – 


relaxation – sensory


I hope you have a super day!  Sophie

Friday 15th of May – Pink Class

Good morning Pink Class!

I hope you enjoyed your Sport’s Day yesterday.

Today is Healthy Food Cafe day, Hazel has some yummy healthy recipes for you to try.

It’s also assembly day, you may see some of your friends appear in today’s assembly – have a look!

Follow the sway to find today’s activities, remember to scroll down.

Monday is a school holiday.

Have a lovely long weekend, catch up soon!