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Red class – Tuesday 26th of May

Good morning Red class, 


Good Morning Snoopy GIF - GoodMorning Snoopy Cartoon - Discover ...

What job will you do today?



IT – technology – time to build a very tall tower!


Top 10 Best Building Block Toys For Kids [ #toys #kids #parenting ]

Time for dance with Rachel


story time – 

Don’t forget to check the sign of the day with Lorna.

Fiddly fingers

8 activities to develop fine motor skills at home - Little Lifelong Learners

click on the link below for more ideas



gardening ,

it was so windy on Saturday and Sunday, there are lots of leaves and twigs in my garden, time to tidy

HWB – yoga and relaxation


And that’s for today, Sophie


Red class – Tuesday 19th of May

Good Kids GIFs | Tenor

life skills – help mummy or daddy

technology – how tall can you make a tower with your bricks?

Top 10 Best Building Block Toys For Kids  [ #toys #kids #parenting ]

dance – check to see what Rachel has posted

snack  – remember to be healthy


sign of the day – what will you learn with Lorna?

fiddly fingers – remember to do this with mummy or daddy


why don’t you help with the washing up?


gardening  – 


relaxation – sensory


I hope you have a super day!  Sophie

Tuesday 12th of May

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How are you today?  Did you have a good day yesterday?  It was chilly wasn’t it?

Are you ready for another good day?  But first, have a look at some photos,

You are now very familiar with our good morning routine, are you ready?

what is the weather like today?  choose a photo.

Image preview


and now some jobs for you to do!

technology – what about building a tower with blocks,

Multiracial children build tower with blocks kids Vector Image

dance – check what Rachel has in her posts

wash your hands then tidy up

This is a special little boy and special little girl’s story read by their granddad, I think you will like it too!

check the signs of the day with Lorna

fiddly fingers

gardening – outdoor learning: why not try to make a small garden in a bottle


HWB – relaxation

Have a good day!


Tuesday 21st of April – Pink Class

Good morning Pink Class! Let’s wake-up!

Calendar –

What month is it? How many days have we had in April? How many are left? Have a look at a calendar, use your counting skills.

Calendar April 2020 (UK) with Excel, Word and PDF templates

Movement –

Check out the movement section, let’s get active!

Life Skills –

Have a go at one of these today. See how helpful you can be.

ICT/Technology – 

How clever are birds? I’ve been watching two little magpies working together to build a nest. It’s taken them two weeks. Great workers.

Can you build a nest?

Nest Building

Dance –

What does Rachel have planned for dance today?

Story –

Enjoy learning about birds nests today

Look how many nests I spotted in this one tree yesterday. How many can you see?

Now enjoy this little story ‘Hooray For Birds’.

Signs of the Day –

Check out this section – I love it! What will Lorna be teaching us the signs for today?

Fiddly Fingers –

Build a tower with your teddies. How many teddies can you use before your tower falls over? Which member of your family can build the biggest teddy tower?


Gardening/CDT –

Let’s help out our birds by making an easy bird feeder.

For all of those toilet rolls that have been bought……re-use them to make bird feeders.

Use peanut butter or lard and roll them in bird seed, hang them up and watch which birds visit your garden.


Today’s focus is about personal hygiene. Find the link below to help on what you should do to keep yourself clean.

Personal hygiene

Challenge of the Day –

Natural Act Of Kindness:

Caring for other living things makes us feel good! Have a think and a chat with a family member  on ways you can care for nature in your day to day life. Here are a few ideas to get you started

  • water the plants
  • feed the birds

Have a great day Pink Class and keep smiling!





Group 10 – Tuesday 31st March

Good morning. Did you all sleep well?

Another busy day –

Morning routine – you have the routine symbols from yesterday and the calendar etc. are in your learning pack. What day is it today?

ICT – Check out what Kirsty has in the ICT section. There’s lots of activities for you to do.

Dance – Rachel’s keeping everyone moving, choose the dance you’d like to do.

Story – Our weekly story was posted yesterday and the activities are in our ‘Challenges for Group 10’.

Fiddly fingers – Try helping in the kitchen by chopping some fruits or vegetables.

Fresh Fruit Platter — Wolfits

Gardening – You can look at all the activities in our gardening section that Scott has posted or go out into your garden and hunt for beasts!


Health and Wellbeing – This weeks activities are in ‘Challenges for Group 10’. You can also find a quiet corner and chill  and listen to music.


Have a great day!