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Red class – Wednesday 27th of May

Good morning red class, I hope you are all well and having loads of fun outside!

Hello gif | Hình gif, Ảnh động, Hoạt hình

language – what can you see on this page?  can you name all the animals?

Today is PE with Pedro, let’s check what he has planned.

story time

sign of the day with Lorna

art with David, what will you do today?

science  – let’s try this experiment with pennies


yoga and relaxation

I hope you have a fun day!  Sophie

Red class – Monday 25th of May

Have a Nice Day Images for social networks | Good day quotes, Good ...

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a nice weekend.

life skills


can you draw shapes in sand? or lentils, shaving foam?

Sand Writing Tray




sign of the day with Lorna

art with David


outdoor learning – click on the link below to find out how to make your own insect house. 


Making Bug Houses (With images) | Business for kids, Forest school ...

HWB – yoga and relaxation

enjoy some relaxation

I hope you have a very good day, see you tomorrow, Sophie

P.E. – 20th May

Good Morning,

We all hope you enjoyed Sports Day last week and hope you enjoyed meeting some new Friends.



Mira and So in particular wanted to say a big thank you for taking part and also …

Today we are going to continue with some activities from Mia & So.


Activity 1 – Warm Up Challenge
Mira and So would like you to imagine you are an Olympic Volleyball Player in this challenge. You don’t need any equipment, just a space to sit or lay on the floor and your voice or imagination. See link – Play Without Equipment – Challenge


Activity 2 -Jingle Jar
For this activity you need a small jar or tub and some dried peas, rice, lentils or pasta, or anything else that will rattle to make a noise. In this game Mira & So want you to use one of your super-senses. Preferably through touch or sound but you can decide. You will also need a blind fold for one of the players. If you find it too difficult don’t worry, you can ask if you can peek a little. See link – Listen Up or feel the vibration

You might have to change this game slightly but don’t worry be flexible. As long as you can shake the tub with the rattle for 10 seconds then that counts too. Can you do that 3 times each? or Lay on the floor with your eyes covered and guess what side the noise of vibration is coming from, maybe even guess what part of your body it rolled into.


Activity 3 – Become the Teacher
Mira & So think its a good idea for you to now become the PE teacher. They would like you to create your own active game. Have a look around the house and decide what equipment is safe to use. Will you play indoors or outdoors. Its up to you.
Here are some ideas to help –  Be the Teacher – Active Indoors Challenge


Well done today, you have been very creative!

Please remember there are lots of PE & Movement activities here on this blog and you can repeat any of these if you wish. Repetition is good. Todays lesson if just some newer challenges. Just do what you can.

Red class Wednesday 20th of May

Good Morning GIFs | Tenor

Did you have a good day yesterday?  I could hear lots of lawn mowers outside.  Today is Wonderful Wednesday!

life skills – what job will you help with?

literacy – writing patterns


PE – check what Pedro and Gerry have planned


story time

sign of the day with Lorna

art with David and Steve



then have a look at these meerkats, aren’t they cute?

HWB – what sensory activity do you want to try out today?

and relaxation 

I hope you have a fab Wednesday!  Sophie