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Group 8 – Friday 3rd April

Good morning Group 8

Here are a few activities for today.

Why not make some jigsaws out of cereal boxes or any other box you can find

If you have some playing cards in the house, try putting the cards in number order, or sort them into the different colours or shapes.

Next is some yoga. Click on the link below to access an episode from Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids – Sleeping Dragom

If you have some paint in the house why not try some hand painting or paint a rainbow,

Lets get some exercise and have another treasure hunt round the house


Making instruments at home

We’re going to make some musical instruments from things that you might find around the house.

You probably saw the video that Connie and I shared. Take a look at it again and remind yourself of the different ways of making sounds from household objects:

#RSNOchallenge 1 – Create a Samba Band

Grab your pots, pans, buckets, salt shakers, wooden spoons, tupperware or anything that makes a noise and join in the fun with the RSNO percussionists! We would love to see you taking part – take a photo or video and post it in the comments… Please note this video was filmed a few weeks ago. Please stay at home, practice social distancing and above all else, have fun!

Posted by Royal Scottish National Orchestra on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

We can also find things in our recycling that we can use to make instruments. Get help from a grown-up in case there are any sharp objects.

Now watch this video and see what you can do to make an instrument to shake or tap.

What can you find that can make a good noise? Can you make a shaker or a rain stick? Or a type of drum? Ask a grown up to help you. Maybe you would like to decorate it as well.

You can then use these instruments any time and also in some of the Music activities. Have fun!

Wednesday 1st of April – Pink Class

Good morning,

A brand new month starts today.

Calendar – 

Do you have a calendar in your house? Explore the calendar. What do you see? Do you see the days of the week? Do you see the months of the year? Today is the first day of April. Can you find April on the calendar?

Movement – 

Check out the movement section or join in with ‘Shake your sillies out’

Life Skills –

I have washing to do today. Can you help sort the washing out?

Literacy – 

Sound work

If you don’t have magnetic or wooden letters you can write these sounds out on pieces of paper. Say the sounds. What words can you make?

Make these words – it, on, am, mum, dad, dog, cat, mat, pig, hen, mud – read them to a family member.

s a t p i n
m d g o c k
ck e u r h b
f ff  l ll ss


P.E. – 

See the P.E. section for some good ideas from Gerry and Pedro.

Story –

Today’s story is inspired by a little creature I spotted in my garden yesterday. What do you think I spotted?

Signs of the Day –

What signs will you learn from Lorna today? I learned the signs for colours yesterday.

Art –

David has posted a good idea about Picasso yesterday – check out the art page to have some fun or have a go at the colour wheel I posted yesterday.

Science – 

I found an interesting little creature in my garden today. I’ll post the pictures when I can. It was a caterpillar!

Let’s learn about it’s life cycle. What does a caterpillar grow/turn into?


What a busy day. Let’s take a breathe for a minute.

Challenge of the Day – 

Build the best living room fort.

Have fun Pink Class!

Group 8 Tasks

Good morning group 8

Here are some tasks you can enjoy today

Why not start by looking around the house for lots of different objects, you can then sort them into different colours. Count them and decide which is the highest number.

Next after all that hard work, relax and sing along to Gigglebellies. Click on the picture below.

It is now time for a snack. I think you have earned it.

Here is a challenge for you. Can you find lots of things that feel different. You can then lay them on the floor to create your very own tactile road.

Make sure to look out the window and check on the weather.

After some lunch it is time to help out around the house. There might be some jobs in the kitchen to do.

Lets finish the day with a spot of gardening. There might be a job you can do like some tidying up or digging up some weeds.

Lets end the day with a song

Have a great day everyone.



Group 10 – 30th March

Good morning Group 10, I hope you have had a great weekend! Lets gets ready for a busy day.

Morning routine – 

Hopefully we are all getting into a routine – here are the visuals we use in class to help us:

morning routine

Maths – 

On the Group 10 challenges (attached) there are our maths activities looking at time.

How to make a clock face –


PE – 

check out the activities Gerry has for us in the PE section

Story – 


This is the link to this weeks story and here is the work to go with it. There are also activities in our Group 10 challenges for the week (these can be completed several times in the week)

peace at last

Art – 

look in the art section to find activities from Steve

Outdoor learning – 

check out the activities Gerry has for us in the Outdoor Learning  section

A busy day! Enjoy

Monday 30th of March – Pink Class

It’s Monday! Wakey, wakey! Let’s start with a good morning song.

Calendar –

Let’s play a favourite learning game – ‘Wall Touch’

Write days of the week on pieces of paper. Place the pieces of paper around the room or blu-tac to the walls. Everyone stands in the middle of the room. Someone shouts out a day of the week and everyone races to find it and touches it. Repeat for other days of the week. Mix the cards up and try again. Have fun!

Movement –

Check out the movement section for some ideas. How are you all getting on with Joe Wicks?

Life Skills –

Help out with doing the dishes today. This is one of our classroom jobs.

Maths –

Let’s continue with money.

Make a money caterpillar. Can you add up the coins? How much is each caterpillar worth?


Check out our P.E. section. Gerry and Pedro have put some great active ideas on here. I’m going to have a go myself.

Or try our ‘Spell your name’ workout.

Story – 

Vicky from Silver Class found this little story about social distancing. Watch it and discuss with family.

Sign of the Day –

What signs will we learn from Lorna today?

Art –

Can you make your own colour wheel using items from your house?

Here is the colour wheel:

Here are some attempts:


Have a good search around your house. Have a family competition. Who can make the best colour wheel?

Outdoor Learning – 

Here’s a little challenge for a walk today. As you wander around your estate or garden collect items to record your journey. What can you find that nature has provided? Tie them to a stick to help tell your journey story. Was it fun? Were you happy? What did you find? Did you find any feathers? What animal did they come from?

Nature Crafts for Kids: how to make a journey stick - Growing Family journey stick


How are you all getting on with brushing your teeth? Are you remembering to reach the tricky bits? Set a timer for 2 minutes each time.


Challenge of the Day –

Find 8 things in your house that begin with the letter ‘b’

Have fun!


Group 8 App of the Day

Todays App is Finger Paint by Inclusive Technology. Choose a colour and move you finger around the screen to make patterns or pictures while the music plays. See what colours and patterns you can make. The app is free to download.

Group 8 – Art idea

If you have any lego and paint around the house then here are some ideas for printing with lego bricks.

Silver – Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Silver Class!

Some ideas for today’s timetable if you are following along at home.


Let’s practise some writing today, The Silver class looove writing in different materials.

You can try shaving foam

Or try salt, sand, rice, paint – anything at all. Your imagination is your only limit 🙂

Can you try writing your name? How many pictures can you draw? Maybe you could try some numbers too? It’s messy and it’s fun!


Try some of Gerry or Pedro’s ideas on the blog.

Remember there is also Joe Wicks on YouTube and also Oti Mabusa online too – take this time to have some fun and learn a new dance moves 🙂


David Walliams will be sharing stories daily on his website – http://worldofdavidwalliams.com

Sign of the Day

Remember to keep practising your signs of the day! I’d love to see your efforts – send me a picture or a video of your super signing!


Make a rainbow!

Rainbows are bringing people together during this difficult time. Let’s get involved Silver class! I want to see your best rainbows 🙂 You can colour, paint, use strips of materials/felt/tissue, use window chalk or paint, whatever you can find. 🙂



The Glasgow Science Centre are posting science videos each day at 10am on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Each one will be available on their Youtube channel so don’t worry if you don’t catch it live.

Links are below:


Health and Wellbeing (HWB)

Time to get out the house! Go out into your garden or out for a walk. Take a note (either write it down or just tell an adult) – what can you see? What can you smell? What can you hear?

Come up with as many things as possible. This is called being “mindful” and it is very good at keeping us calm and in the moment. It’s important to be as mindful as possible just now and enjoy the moment.


Have a lovely day everyone.