Group 11 – Friday 24 April

Good morning, what a quick week!!!

It was nice to catch up with your parents this week and hear about all the nice things you guys have been doing. It was a special treat to talk to some of you.  I’ll phone again next week to see how you are all doing. I miss you all and have been thinking about our lovely memories and this is one of my favourites.

You could try some of the following today:

Movement: put your favourite song on and dance like no one is watching.  We are going to Shake if Off

Life Skills:  You could help make the beds today.

Literacy: See Laura’s blog or play some of these games

Social Studies:   See Ana’s blog or learn about Florence Nightingale

Story: Read your favourite book or one from here

Signing: check Lorna’s sign of the day video.

Food Technology:  See Hazel’s blog or help make lunch

ICT: See my blog.  We are going on a virtual trip to Loch Dunmore near Pitlochry.  Find some pictures.

Music: See Connie’s blog or finish with a bit of Karaoke to our song


Have a lovely day, Kirsty

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