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Social Studies

     Social Studies

Hello everyone.  Hope you all had some time to relax over the holidays!

Remember Earth Hour on the 28th March? Well, this week Earth Day is celebrated around the world on Wednesday 22nd April!

The theme this year is “Climate Action” – this was in the news a lot last year mainly thanks to a teenager called Greta Thunberg from Sweden.

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate Earth Day at home:

  • Make an acrostic poem using the words – EARTH DAY.


You can try to come up with some other words which begin with these letters or make up some different sentences.

  • Create your own Earth collage using old magazines or tissue paper.
  • Draw and colour in Earth yourself.
  • You can add the handprints if you like to symbolise that we are looking after the Earth.

Use a paper plate for the circle shape or borrow a plate from your kitchen.


Enter the Pinewood School Cake Competition with a design based around Earth Day!!

(I might just have to give it a go myself now!)                     

Good Luck


Your top 10 songs countdown

Music task for this week.
Create a playlist of 10 songs which make you feel good, relaxed or happy.
Step 1
Using you tube , iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music (or similar) and listen to relaxed or happy music.
Step 2
Take a note of the 10 songs you like the most.
Step 3
Create a poster with your countdown chart, 1 at the top of the page (your favourite song) down to 10 at the bottom.
You may wither draw this or create a Word document.
Step 5
For your chosen top 5 songs try and give a reason why they are your top 5 songs.
Step 6
Make your poster look bright and interesting by using colour and pictures where you can.
Post your completed poster on the blog for Gordon and I to see.

Have fun!

Group 5 Story Time Monday 20th April

Hi Everyone,

Today’s story is Twinkles. Arthur and Puss. I hope you enjoy it.


Tomorrow’s story choice is

Find out what happens when What a Mess thinks he has discovered a monster.


Meet Hairy Maclary and his friends as Hairy Maclary does his best to keep his bone away from his hungry friends.

Reply to this post to let me know which story you would like to see.

Kai’s clip. Someone throwing money around!!

Have a look at Kai’s animation, isn’t it great!? This was made in Flipaclip, an App you can use to create stories and films. This is only short but yours could be as long a you like. You can then save it and open iMovies  (or any other movie app) to add sound. It works like drawing on a many pages of a sketch book and then flipping them to create a moving image. Let me know if you manage to create anything and we’ll put it on the blog. Well done, Kai.