Your top 10 songs countdown

Music task for this week.
Create a playlist of 10 songs which make you feel good, relaxed or happy.
Step 1
Using you tube , iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music (or similar) and listen to relaxed or happy music.
Step 2
Take a note of the 10 songs you like the most.
Step 3
Create a poster with your countdown chart, 1 at the top of the page (your favourite song) down to 10 at the bottom.
You may wither draw this or create a Word document.
Step 5
For your chosen top 5 songs try and give a reason why they are your top 5 songs.
Step 6
Make your poster look bright and interesting by using colour and pictures where you can.
Post your completed poster on the blog for Gordon and I to see.

Have fun!

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