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Friday, 24th April

Hola! Good morning! Bonjour! 😀

It’s Assembly time 😀 how lucky you are? Connie and Tracey have prepared assembly videos and songs for you!!

MovementHere some of our favourite movement songs. You can use this ones or any other of your preference






Life skills – challenge of the week: tidy up your toys and games after playing with itJ. Here’s the link of the tidy up song that we normally use in the class that your child easily recognises.


Literacy – Can you spy with your little eye something start with a letter “P”…. “A”…”S”

Social Studies – Enjoy this funny video about Pandas! What do you think pandas like to do? Do they like to run? Do they like to roll? What do you think they like to eat?


STORY – Go to sensory section and enjoy the story massage with Nicole

Sign of the day – Don’t forget to be practicing the sign of the day – if you want to send me a video then feel free

Food technology – What are you going to have for lunch today? Help your mum or dad to get the lunch ready, set up the table and remember to put your plate away when you finish.

ICT – You can go on your Ipad, tablet, mobile… and choose one of the games you like most. You don’t know what to choose from?  If you go to ICT/ technology sections there’s some apps you can use.

Music – Go to the Music section and choose one of the activities that your Music teacher prepared for you. Have fun J

I hope you enjoy your day! Stay safe!

Group 1 Friday 24th April

Good Morning Group 1

Well it’s Friday again!

Do you know what day it is tomorrow?

What day was it yesterday?

What month is it?

What will be the next Month?

As it’s Friday it’s time for some fun

Have a listen to the Wonky Donkey Song.

I hope it makes you laugh as much as I did!

Let me know if you would like one for next Friday.

Now it’s choose time. Play a game, read a book, draw or make something.

Have a good weekend


Friday 24th of April – Pink Class

It’s Friday!!!!!

Calendar –

Is this the last Friday in April? Check the April section of the calendar? How many days are there left in April?

April 2020 Printable Calendar Free PDF with Notes - Learnworksheet ...

Assembly –

Tracey has this weeks assembly ready for us – have a look and join in with the songs.

Movement –

Check out the movement section and get moving!

Life Skills –

Can you help make lunch for your family today?

Literacy –

Click on the link below. Can you read these words? Make up a sentence using some of the words.

Initial sight words

Enjoy this story then see if you can answer the questions.


Social Studies –

Can you make a map of your walk today or your garden?

Story –

Let’s listen to some more stories about the earth.

Signs of the Day –

What signs will we learn today. Pop over to this section to sign with Lorna.

Food Technology –

Have a look through Pinewoods recipe book (using tab on right hand side). What could you make? Or make these yummy flapjacks again.

ICT/Technology –

Music – 

What does Connie have planned for you today? Did you join in with singalong yesterday?

Challenge of the Day –

Use some of that sunshine to draw some shadow animals. What else would create a shadow for you to draw? Be creative!

Another challenge for you –

We have been working on birds this week and I’ve just found a great spotter sheet. Use this on your daily walks, see how many birds you spot over the weekend.

Have a great day and a restful weekend Pink Class!



Friday 24th of April

Good morning everyone, another beautiful day I hope.

Please remember to check Tracey’s assembly

1 good morning

2 life skills

3 literacy – if mummy or daddy draw a path on the ground, can you follow it from the beginning to the end?

prewriting activities

remember to do your reflection sheet  –

4 social studies – celebrate the planet, this is what David (art teacher) suggested we could do 

Wednesday marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the annual celebration of the environmental movement. Below are some examples of Art work that you may like to create at home.

Why not get some green and blue paint and dip a balloon into it and press it down to create a pattern of the Earth:

Some Earth pictures using paint and bubble wrap

Creating World Earth Day Art using your hand and foot prints


5 story – listen to Dear Zoo read by Justin Fletcher

6 sign of the day – check Lorna’s sign of the day

7 food technology – can you make a muffin pizza for lunch?

English Muffin Pizza Toddler Recipe - Twin Mom Refreshed


8 technology


9 music – check Gordon and Connie’s post

You could finish the day with Nicole’s story massage


Have a lovely weekend, Sophie





Friday Assembly 24.4.20


Hello Every-one

We have an assembly for you all today. Thank-you to Connie who has recorded all the songs for you to sing – much appreciated!

A technical challenge for me…..but I think I have survived the challenge.

We hope you enjoy singing with your family at home.

Friday 24th April

Good Morning Group 6

Welcome to Fabulous Friday!

Here are some activities for you to try today if you can…….

Morning Routine

Movement – Try this 9 minute super work out with your family at home.


Literacy – Play a game of Eye-spy around the house.

  • Ask members of your family to guess what you can see by listening to the letter you are giving as a clue.
  • Play eye-spy by finding an object beginning with…………?

Eye Spy Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration ...

Social Studies – Check out Linda and Ana’s posts for an activity that you would like to try😊

Story – Today’s story is The Day the Crayon’s Quit

Story Challenges

  • What is your favourite colour?
  • Can you draw /colour a picture using your favourite colour?
  • you could send us a picture of your drawing.

Sign of the Day with Lorna

Food Technology – Make a strawberry Smoothie at home. Click on the link below for the recipe. You can try and make your own version with your favourite fruits.

Cartoon Strawberry Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

strawberry smoothie

ICT/Technology – You have worked hard, choose a favourite game on the device or game console of your choice – It’s Friday after all!!

Music – Have a sing song with Connie and Gordon from one of their posts.

Have a good weekend every-body