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Orange Class Thursday 14th May

Good morning.  We can have a lot of fun with bubbles and straws today so let’s get going!

On Thursdays we start the day with P.E.  Please see Gerry and Pedro’s posts for a very special P.E. today – Sports day!

Now its time for the morning circle.


Don’t forget Lorna’s Sign of the Day – category sign of the day.

Orange Class Challenge:

Alice has been busy again!  Is there no limit to her imagination!

Make a fantastic Bubble machine!


We also have Art with David Bennett on a Thursday.  David has some super ideas for      bubble art below and we know how much the Orange Class like bubbles!



Now, how about some maths?  Have a shot at this.  It is not as easy as it looks!



Today, lets sharpen up on our listening skills.  Try to identify the animal sounds – it’s fun!


How about some movement?   What about a class favourite? We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

That was fun.
Story time!

Today’s story is ‘I don’t want to go to bed’.   Group 5 had a look at this yesterday.

Where did the Little Princess end up sleeping?


Sensory fun!

Did you try it?

Finally, some relaxation.  Follow the bubble……

Have a super Thursday!