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Orange Class – Wednesday 24th June

Good morning everyone!

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Will we start with circle time?

Now it’s time for Sign of the day,   Click below.


On Wednesdays we have music.   Click below.


How about some Fruity fun in Food Technology

Now, time for some maths.


How about some Reading?

It is time to do your jobs for today.

What about a super sensory activity?

Now, it is time for movement?

Let’s relax!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Orange Class – Tuesday 23rd June

Hello to the Orange Class.  How is everyone this morning?

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Let’s have circle time


It’s time for Lorna’s Sign of the Day.  Click the link below.

On Tuesdays we have Dance.

That was fun!

How about a story?   Today we have Peppa PigMy Granny.

Time to get outside!  Anyone for a picnic?

Thanks to Ana

What jobs are you doing today

Now, how about some sound bingo?

Did you guess any?

Let’s relax!

Have a terrific Tuesday.


Orange Class – Monday 22nd June

Good morning everyone I hope you are feeling good today.

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Let’s start with circle time.



Next it’s Sign of the Day  with Lorna.


Now, how about some maths?


What about a story?  Today it is Peppa’s Fishy Friends.  Oink!


Time for movement.

Which jobs are you going to do today?


How about some Yoga?  Today it’s Clare from CAMHS

Did you try it?

How about some sensory fun

All you need are the following:

  • Filler: This can be dry rice, dry beans, cooked spaghetti, sand, foam…..
  • Scoops these are optional.
  • Alphabet letters, or numbers, or plastic animals.

Pour your filler into the container / tray. Then place the alphabet pieces into the rice and mix it up.  Ask your child what colour they found or which alphabet letter.  You could hide their name.

alphabet letters toddler activity

Ready to get outdoors?  Let’s play bird bingo!

Did you spot any?

Finally time to relax.

Have a marvellous Monday.