Visit to Bramble Cottage

Class 2 and 3 had the pleasure of visiting Bramble Cottage – a new play centre in Blackburn. The pupils had a great time; sliding down the shoot, dressing up in different costumes, using the climbing wall and role playing in the shop and kitchen. Check out our photos to see how much fun it was! We can’t wait for our next visit.

Fishy fun for Class 6

Class 6 have been busy learning about the new topic ‘Finding Dory’.  After watching the film we have been exploring ‘Under the Sea’.  We have been also enjoying Blue Planet 2 and watching the fish and other creatures.

mixing in the peas

dissolving substances in water for science

adding the different fish

cutting peppers and spring onions

our fish cakes

fish pie

lots of snow in Blackburn

exploring sound in the sensory garden

measuring capacity for maths

We bought the ingredients to make fishcakes and fish pie.  The children enjoyed smelling the different fish – mackerel, tuna and salmon.  We mashed the potatoes and chopped spring onions.  Dipping the fishcakes into the egg and breadcrumbs was very messy!

Photography in the Park

Group 3 took photographs in the park and used the “My Sketch” app to create digital effects. I am sure you will agree the results are fantastic.

Fun on the Canal

Group 6 had a great time visiting the canal on Thursday. We met the Dougie and the team from the Bridge 19-40 Canal Society. This is our charity for the YPI project. We got the chance to steer the boat and we enjoyed meeting all the volunteers who looked after us.

Why not visit them and you too can have a fabulous trip on the canal.

Our Eco School Activities

Since Christmas the Eco Committee has been really busy working towards our Eco School application. The members of the committee decided to focus on improving the school’s ability to grow its own food and on improving the biodiversity of the school garden.

To increase our ability to grow our own food the school has invested in new raised beds and a large  poly-tunnel. Both projects have been a great success and the pupils are growing a wide range of food  such as carrots, fennel, radishes and potatoes.

The main focus of the biodiversity improvements was to encourage more use of the garden by local birds. The Eco Committee sourced three new bird feeders and decided where they should be hung in the garden. The committee regularly tops up and cleans the feeders and have been learning how to recognise garden birds so they can spot them when they visit the garden.

All in all it has been a busy but successful time. We are hoping to put in our Eco School application before we break for Summer so watch this space.


Class 5 enjoyed Science fortnight

we made Irish soda bread and turned milk into butter milk by adding bicarbonate of soda and watched the milk change

the flour was great to feel

they rose really well! and tasted wonderful

we enjoyed the challenge of building a tower with paper and paper clips

we planted potatoes in the sensory garden in Blackburn Primary School after chitting them

we grew cress to use in our egg and cress sandwiches

they tasted great – someone couldn’t wait to take theirs home!