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Group 4 – Monday 25th May

Good morning everyone.

I hope you had a great weekend.

Here are some activities for today’s timetable:


Have a look at the Maths section to see what Steve wants you to do.


Check out in the P.E section for what Pedro or Gerry have in store for you today. If you want, you can join in with Joe Wicks live at 9am.


Today’s story is “The Empty Pot” by Demi. This is a beautiful story about doing your best and always telling the truth. Enjoy.

Story challenge:

  • Why do you think Ping felt bad about his empty pot?
  • Have you ever tried something but it did not go well? How did you feel?
  • Do you do your best when you try something?

Sign of the Day


Have a look at the art section to see what Steve wants you to do.

Outdoor Learning

Check out in the Outdoor learning section to find out what is your challenge for today.


Do some relaxation with your family in the garden, using Chinese traditional music below. Enjoy.

Enjoy your Monday. Ana