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Tuesday for Group 2

Hello song – 


Calendar –
how many days have we had in March? how many days left in March? how many days until April?  have a look at a calendar
Calendar March 2020 – Calendar Options
 Movement – try Go Noodle for parents and see if you can find a relaxation category ‘Melting’ is good
Life skills – what is your job today – choose from the board
ICT/Technology – have a look under Technology in the categories for some ideas – maybe try a new app?
Dance – my purple class love this song – do you like it? I have been doing Just Dance at home quite a bit – or try looking under Dance at a routine by Rachel? are you on Part 1,2, 3?
Snack – try something new today – if always have jam on bread – what about marmalade? now the shops have got less choice – try a new snack
Sign of the day – check the Blog for Lorna plus I’ve attached a Nurtured assembly as it is Nurtured this week
Fiddly fingers – do you have some pegs – can you use them to pick up small objects?
Gardening – have a look and see what Scott says today?
HWB – what makes a good friend? I have attached a sheet in the email  – this song may help 🙂
Speak soon once back from the Hub

Social Studies

Social Studies

Coming up on your TV screens shortly:

Sorry picture is a bit blurry. This series starts on Wed. night at 8.00pm on BBC Scotland channel.

Some Scottish pupils are let loose in the museum in Edinburgh overnight – looks like fun.

Group 6 – you might spot a dinosaur!

Groups 4 and 5 – they might find some Roman artifacts.



Please find below a list of interactive educational websites which most of the secondary pupils have used at some time during their Social Studies lessons:

(Should a website not load on your computer, it might be best to access it using the older search engine –   Internet Explorer.)

  • Sheppard Software” – then choose sheppardsoftware.co.uk to access hundreds of educational games, matching activities, quizzes and articles related to school topics.
  • “Topmarks” – then choose Topmarks.co.uk to access a huge variety of education resources online. Remember to scroll down the page.
  • “Roman mosaic online” – then choose demon.co.uk to access an interactive Mosaic design program, which some of our pupils have recently been using in school. Choose the “simple” menu heading for an easier grid to work on.
  • 3d geography” – then choose 3dgeography.co.uk to access fun ideas to help with learning about Geography.
  • Crickweb” – then choose crickweb.co.uk to access a variety of subject related interactive educational activities.
  • There are also plenty of educational resources on the “BBC Bitesize” website. Try the Primary Link to begin with and follow the Scotland menu for Early, First and Second Level resources for most subjects.

Tuesday 31st March

Morning Group 6!

Hope you all had a great day yesterday?

Today’s timetable activities:

Morning Circle Activities – see yesterdays Blog for the days of the week, weather and emotions boards. Don’t forget to choose your morning job for home😊

ICT/Technology – Choose an activity from Kirsty or Steve’s post on the right hand side of the page.

PE – Take a challenge from Gerry! Try Joe Wicks again if you haven’t done it for a while.

Story – Check out this short story about social distancing which Vicky shared with us.

Sign of the Day – See Lorna’s daily Blog for the signs of the day.

Fiddly Fingers Challenge – can you print out this board and put buttons on all of the holes? Or if you don’t have a printer make your own rainbow from buttons, dried pasta shapes, playdoh or anything else you have around the house. Get creative!

Gardening/CDT – Check in with Scott to see what activities he has being doing in the garden this week. Or watch this funny clip about looking after plants below…….and look after your plants inside or out.

HWB – Remember that this week we are remembering about NURTURE. Watch the video below and talk about what makes home a caring place for us to live and grow. You can also talk about the ways in which we can ask for help in school and at home. Who do we know that helps us?

Happy Tuesday Every-one!