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Art. How to draw Pikachu.

Have fun drawing Pikachu, then colour him in.

Easter Singalong with Connie

Hi everyone

Set aside some time today to sing along to some of our favourite Easter songs.

The first one is a well known favourite  – Spring Chicken.  Can you remember some of the signs?

Join in with Pooche and me.  We will sing New life and the Seed song.  Have fun!https://sway.office.com/xs9viYUIieeiIoC9?ref=Link

Primary Assembly 27.3.20

Primary Assembly 

Good Morning Every-one

Click on the link below this picture to see the power point for our NURTURE Assembly.  I have added the fischy music link for the ‘Welcome Song’ and the ‘We Can Make a Difference’ song below too (that’s all my tech skills allow at the moment – sorry!)

The signs are a little different from the Signalong we use in school, but it beats singing without the music!!

Hopefully I can learn how to improve this for next week!

Have a fab Friday!!


Here is our Friday assembly for this week (27.3.20)


Welcome Everybody – Fischy Music

Make a Difference – Fischy Music

Thursday 26 March

Late post today from me as I have been working very hard at HUB school.

I am glad to hear that many of you have been making your breakfast today and you are all behaving.

Today’s STEM Challenge 

We are going to focus on a creative task today (see grid).  Can you design your own blanket fort and send in pictures on email to me?  How will you make it stand?  What will it look like inside?  Lights? Space?

As a family in your blanket fort you could

  • read a story
  • have a teddy bears picnic
  • have a movie marathon
  • sing some song (you could even make some home made musical instruments as well)

taking part in these challenges will develop your language skills and thinking skills as well as allowing you to develop your creativity and imagination.  Maybe Nicole will make one too!


Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Orange Class – Free Oxford Reading Tree eBooks

Hi, many children in the Orange Class use the Biff, Chip and Kipper books.  There are some free ebooks online with audio and some simple activities.  Please follow the link.

Oxford Owl Books


This afternoon you might want to try Kipper’s  Diary

Kipper’s diary

Link here   Kippers diary

username:  david.stewart@westlothian.org.uk

Password:    Orange


Click on the ebooks link