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Orange Class – Monday 30th March

Hello to the Orange Class!

We’re really glad that you are all well and hope that you have had a super weekend.                   Did anyone watch the animals at Chester Zoo?

If you send in photos of your activities we’ll pop them up on the blog.

Timetable for Monday

Morning Time Routine

Morning Tasks


Days of the week

What’s the weather?

Fischy Music  Pinewood loves Fischy Music and they have kindly allowed us to share our Fischy log in details with everyone.                                                User name: graeme.spence
Password: pinewood123

Click here for Fisch Music Online and use the log in details above

Click here for Fischy Tunes, our music website.


Remember to try Lorna’s sign of the day.

The theme for today’s signs is COLOURS! How many colours can you see and sign?


Circle time is finished!

Now time for some movement!  Try to do three songs!


Outdoor Challenge

Let’s get outside into the garden if you can.  What about an outdoor shelter?  You could use washing poles and a sheet or rug.  Good luck.  Take your teddy.  You could make a shelter inside if you can’t get out.

Outdoor Shelter

File here Outdoor Shelter

At 11 O’clock what about trying the Fischy Music Assembly!

See you tomorrow morning at 11am on YouTube for our Fischy Music Assembly! We’ll help you get the week off to a great start by singing and moving from our own homes. www.youtube.com/fischymusic

Click here for Fischy’s you tube channel, where every Monday at 11am there will be a live assembly.

Dance with Rachel

Dance – Sensory Lights and Chill Music

Hello everyone,

Anyone in need of some chill time? turn the lights off and make the room as dark as possible, pop this video on and relax…

Reading Time:
username: david.stewart@westlothian.org.ukPassword: OrangeClick on the ebooks links
or you could choose your own book!

Can you see me?

Why not try an Indoor Treasure Hunt, you could even have a small reward once you are finished?

Finally what about ending the day with some standing yoga?
Please find below a link to the full programme document with notes.                                       CAMHS Standing Yoga Programme Level 1Alternatively, here are easy to follow pictures for you to try!MountainStand still, feet slightly apart and arms by your sides.  Slowly stretch arms out to the side, then raise them above your head.                                                                                                                      Hold the stretch for count of 5. Slowly lower arms back by your side. Mountain


Stand still with feet spread apart, arms by your sides and point toes to the front for a few moments.  Take a deep breath and raise arms out by your side.  Palms facing forward.          Hold for the count of 5-10.



Stand still at the top of the mat with feet side by side.  Place your hands on the mat, on either side of your feet.  Take a step back with your left foot and place it sideways on the mat, toes pointing to the side of the mat.  Keeping your right knee bent and lift your chest and the rest of your body upwards.  Straighten your arms and raise them arms overhead.                               Hold for the count of 5-10.  Repeat with other side.



Stand with your feet spread far apart.  Turn your left foot sideways and turn your right foot forward.  Raise your arms.  Turn your head to the right and bend you right knee.                    Hold for the count of 5-10.  Repeat on the other side.



I hope you really enjoyed standing yoga and had lots of fun!

Thanks to CAMHS Claire Wakefield, Alexia Mitchell & Sarah MacFarlane .

CAMHS LD Occupational Therapy Standing Yoga Programme                                                              Adapted from Yoga Ed.’s Resource:   Gruber, T. and Kalish, L., 2005. Yoga Pretzels. London: Barefoot Books Ltd.

I’m looking for signs of shoots in our runner beans.  There might be something happening.  We’ll know more in a couple of days.

Can you send me pictures of spring flowers in your gardens or from a walk for the blog?

Have a super day.




Monday 30th March

Good Morning Group 6

Here are a few reminders of the resources available to get your morning off to a good start:


Standing Yoga Programme Level 1 (1)

This week, to practice your life skills you can pick a different job each day to do in the house. Perhaps you can circle or tick the jobs as you try each one.

Please remember to tune in at 11am to the Fischy Music Assembly with Connie!

Have a good Monday!!




Gold Class – Monday 30th

Hello Gold Class, did you have a lovely weekend?

Here are your activities for today:

  1. Morning Circle

  2. MathsToday’s focus is all about shapes

  3. PE – Check out what Pedro has in store for you today by clicking on the PE section
  4. Sign of the Day The sign of the day is all about COLOURS
  5. Story – Here is a story about how you and me are all different:                                                   tf-or-35-we-are-all-different-story-powerpoint_ver_2
  6. Art– Have a look in the ART section to find out what David or Steve have planned for you!
  7. Outdoor Learning– 
  8. HWB: Can you use all 5 of your senses….? Choose one or a few of these challenge cards and see how you can use your senses:                                                      https://www.flipsnack.com/Lorneej/t-tp-7255-senses-mindfulness-challenge-cards.html

Group 1 Good Morning

Good Morning Everyone.

I hope you’ve had a good weekend and are ready for some learning. There are lots of exciting things and ideas on the blog. Have a look.

Today is Monday but what’s the date?

Have a look outside and see what the weather is for today.

How are you feeling? I’m happy as the weather is better but a little sad because I’m missing you all.

I hope you’re all remembering your household chores task.

look at the poster below and choose one to do today.

Today is our community time. You can’t visit the library but you could go outdoors. What will you see?

Can you find some writing?

Can you find a number bigger than 10

How many red cars can you see?

Can you hear birds?

How many dogs can you see?

I’ve put some photos of what I saw in my community on Sunday.

Can you take photos of what you see or write it down and share it here?

Look at the Maths area for maths work for later.

Enjoy your day.




Group 2 – Monday 30th March

Good Morning, Group 2. Did you all have a lovely weekend?

Here’s your tasks for today:

  1. Morning Circle

  2. Maths Have a look in the MATHS section to see what Clare has put up for you
  3. PE – Check out what Pedro or Gerry have in store for you today in the PE section
  4. Story This is a story about to read with an adult about how we are all different                     tf-or-35-we-are-all-different-story-powerpoint_ver_2  
  5. Sign of the Day: Signs today are all about COLOURS
  6. Art: Click on the ART section to see what Steve wants you to do
  7. Outdoor Learning Have a look at the OUTDOOR LEARNING section to see what Ana has planned for you.
  8. HWB: Today’s focus is about cleaning your teeth – Have a look at the teeth song below, then sort the clean/dirty teeth in your home learning pack.